Monday, September 24, 2012

My Hada Labo / Olive Cleansing Oil ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Monday Blue huh ?' Imma suffering from COLLEGE BLUE !!! >.< Like everyday !!! :D

I did upload a video about Hada Labo in YouTube and i got like 10 thousand more views , really graceful for that !!! * To be honest , my blog haven't reach 10 thousand views yet :( * I really love Hada Labo and i'm keep using it since then and my skin improved shitty lot man :D Btw , some declaration here to make !!! Hada Labo doesn't design any series for acne skin but it did improved my acne skin that's why i love it so much !!! I will started using their products because my beautician told me to accentuate my moisturizing/hydrating part and i saw Hada Labo TV commercial like " 只要一滴就能锁住一片大海 " something like that lar because it is a long time ago when i saw the TV commercial ... Now there is a new version , i think !!! 

And recently they have a new products that suitable for everyone , including who wearing ( WATERPROOF ) make-up , who doesn't wear make-up , who wear sunblock and blah blah blah ... 

This is it ~ Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil !!! They actually having super duper promotion on 22 and 23 September and it only cost RM 25 within this two days ... The normal price is around RM 50 and now they still have the normal promotion which cost around RM 40 !!! How to know there is a super duper promotion ?' LIKE MY HADA LABO's FB Imma so lucky get the second last one !!! The promoter explained every single details and even demonstrate how to use it on my hair :) Thumb up for her in Berjaya Times Square's Guardian !!! 

This is my daily skin care products ... ❤

Cleansing Oil is a wonderful product that is effective to help remove water-proof mascara, make-up and lip color+ waterproof sunblock. 
It is gentle yet effective cleansing while maintaining skin's natural moisture level.
* copy from My Hada Labo's FB

Chak Chak ... I got cha !!!

How to use it : 

#1 :- 
Keep your hand and your face dry ...
Pump sufficient amount on your palm 

#2 :- 
Gently massage to your face and eyes area ...

#3 :- 
Wet your face to emulsify the cleansing oil ...
* Wet not rinse * 
And wipe your face with tissue or face's cloth 

#4 :- 
Prepare for face wash ...

It is a kind of oil but it is olive oil ...
It not really oily and it feel like water which flow/spread ... 

This morning is my first time using it and i actually wondering whether it will make my pimples 'boom' out or make my face super oily and 'shine' all the day !!! But after using it before my face wash , i was really amazed by it immediate effect ... It is like after scrubbed , hmm ... No !!! Smoother than after being scrub man !!! And i wash my face so happily as i feel like i have a baby baby skin !!! No pimples 'boom' out and my face looked fairer and really smoother !!! * i have a really sensitive skin * So i think everyone can try it out !!! 

My nude face ... 
Not edited at all !!!

AND ...


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