Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OutFit of the day vs Depression ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Give you guys a advice ... 
A stupid advice maybe ?'
I have decided to kinda stop going to college and started preparing my exam at home ! 
And yesterday - the day before exam , 
i gone crazy !
Like thinking ' How come my life is so fucking boring ?' 
' How come there is no one cares about me ?' 
' How come i have no other activities instead of studying ?' 
How come this ! How come that ! 
* mind-fucked * 
You know the freaking frustrated moment when 
# You can't get a interesting horror movie while viewing a list and even trying some of them out !
# You can't get your favorite snack to help you get out of this kind of freaking mood !
* my favorite snack really out of stock in the world meh ?' I can't find it even in the shopping mall * 
*Not this CoCoA favor , the original one ! Can't get it >.<*
It is so freaking tasty ( the original favor ) + it is for vegetarian ... WoW !
# You can't go out to somewhere when your 'safety guard' refuse to go out with you !
*safety guard refers to my bro who train for martial art ... i know ridiculous*
I try not to go out with friends because we don't heading the same house after 'having fun' and the world is so fucking dangerous ! Robbery everywhere ! Kidnapping ! And-what-the-fuck-crime !
 # You can't get anything to cheer you up ...
What to do when going out ?'
Cinema ?' Shopping ?' Eating ?' What else ?' Boling ?' 
* i really feel this way even when i'm not crazy *
# You can't turn to anyone because you are fucking short-tempered at the moment 
You probably will get fight with your love one !
and blah blah blah ... 
Of course i feel better this morning ... 
And i told my mum about my symptoms and i was thinking that imma getting DEPRESSION ...
But my mum laugh and said it is the exam stress ... >.<
* Honestly , i don't really feel stress or maybe invisible one *
But i never think of ending my life lar ... :D
TIPS for avoiding depression : 
* my creation * 
- Stop studying ?'
- Dress up with a attractive or sexy outfit but not-so-sexy and window shopping in a mall 
* Becareful , don't be too sexy and get yourself rape *
and enjoy the stare from every perv and curse them in your mind ... :D
* a real mind-fucked * 
- Have a great sex with your boyfriend or handsome stranger if you don't mind 
* Just saying i didn't try * 
- Do vigorous exercise 
* I'm too lazy for this ... >.< *

Ok ... 
The end !
Have a nice day ... ❤

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