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The ' 3rd person ' In a Relationship / 小三 ... ❤


Howdy guys ... :)
Here's the talkshow again ... Actually the first talkshow's post / previous post is written for fun but maybe due to holidays and i have been watching a lots of talkshow so i'm inspired to have another topic for my talkshow's post ?' HaHa :D Of course will not be as fun as the real talkshow because of WORDS you know but ...

Before into the topic , i wanna show something and this is why i don't feel like reply stranger's comment ... >.< * look into the comment box *

Austin Rivera ... 
What should i say to him ?' Hmm ... Never mind , maybe i should just let him sok sendiri right ?' Son of the bitch !!! 
* I really curious about what's the meaning of cut that's why i reply and i was thinking that maybe he refers it to a passage in my article but i don't think so even in the end i still have no idea what cut/cuit means !!! *

I'm going to talk about the ' third person ' in a relationship ... 
And i never be the one of them , i swear and i never will be ... :) 
But before anything ... * the pic below * 
Let's put yourself into the girl who is pushing the door's shoe and what would be your first sentence to them-who is have sex on the bed ?' 
* Don't think as it is just a girl who accidentally burst into the wrong-number room ... Think as you are the girl who is pushing the door and the one who having sex is your boyf and the yellow hair color girl on the bed is whoever-who-don't-know * 

From 麻辣天后宫

I'm started to in love with this show as they have a lots of episode but for sure different people , different story and title as well but just for one topic example : The ' third person ' in a relationship !!! In this kind of topic , Kang Xi Lai Le didn't do a great job as they have only one episode for it and a kinda pointless , lame one !!! 

My ans : 
I will be stunned there for a few seconds/mins and i will probably give out a sneer's sigh and just walk away ... * weak response ?' * If i really have to say something , i think i will be saying " God bless you !!! " and just walk away !!! And of course never ever talk to him or even a glimpse , this is unforgivable !!! What is your answer ?' 

For those who think you will scold or beat them-boyf and the ' third person ' up then you probably should re-think !!! Because if it happened on you , you will not be able to do much or maybe not even slapping !!!

Are you one of them once ?' Or have you experienced the appearance of the ' third person ' in your relationships ?' Through the talkshow i've watched * 麻辣天后宫 & 非常命运 * , one of the show actually get some of them into the show with mask * =.= * ... And they shared about their experiences of became/becoming the ' third person ' in a relationship !!! 

Over all , there is 2 type of ' third person ' in the world , one is the moral-conscious type and the other one is the bitch type ... My moral-conscious type meant they having self-conscious that they actually doing some thing bad but just can't let go of the married guy because of love or maybe money or else ... The bitch type meant even though they know your existence ( girlfriend ) but still insist of having affair with your boyf and even worse is still calling and saying something bitchy to you like " He don't loves you anymore , he loves me now ... " and etc. 

For the moral-conscious type , they themselves might be already married but they still having affair with the married guy they knew before her own marriage ... Dafuq ?' I was wondering , if you love the married guy and how on earth you still get married to someone else ?' * I know this is kinda a stupid wondering as the married guy is married and for her's own sake she needs to marry * Don't they feel guilty every time they meet their's spouse and probably will be in frighten state forever , afraid that the affair will somehow discovered by their's spouse !!! And the most ridiculous part is , they will treat their legal's spouse so well , kinda try to complement what they have done ... =.= * Men do this way also !!! We women smart enough to detect the changes okay ? *
Some became the ' third person ' in a relationship by unconsciousness , maybe because the guy hide his marriage from her at the beginning and after finding out some people will decided to let go but some still holding on even though they know that she herself already from the future legal spouse's position dropped to the illegal ' third person ' of the relationship !!! No idea what the hell are they thinking ?' * shrug * 

For the bitchy type ... By the way , why are they getting other's boyf/husband ?' Hmm ... they can't get the one they really like then it is pathetic for them ... * only pathetic to the ' third person ' * Or maybe they grown up without loves and cares that's why they sabotaging other's relationship !!! Bitchy type will always irritate the legal future spouse with something like " Your boyf being with you is because of your big boobies ... " , " Your bf is having a relationship with you just because he needs someone to have sex ... " and etc. The only point a ' third person ' will be saying to the girlf is only sex , they have nothing else to say !!! I'm 99.5 % sure about this !!! HaHa :D But there is one type that i think is okay to forgive them and not taking them to 浸竹笼 ... The kind that the boy is having a open relationship with someone that he don't like due to some issue  and made someone he like to the ' third person ' ... * But maybe there is no such thing in this world ... Maybe i'm watching too much drama ... Sorry * 

“不被爱的那一个,才是第三者!” From The Fierce Wife / 犀利人妻
You guys agree ?' Hmm ... For me , somehow yes and somehow no ! HaHa :D Depending on the situation , maybe !!! * Don't hit me ! * By the way , if the boyf really have no more feeling toward girlf then why don't the boyf tell the girlf straight away ?' Just tell the girlf honestly that you have no more feeling toward her , every girl will accept it but it might take them a longer time or maybe a short period , who knows ?' Better than ignore them and straight away go for other chick !!! After the girlf find out , you are the one who is embarrassed and in the awkward moment and the shameful person as well !!!

For couples , it is okay to just break up because they have no child and marriage cert as well ... But for those husbands , i was thinking , don't you think carefully before the moment saying I DO ?' You actually can rush out of the ceremony anytime before saying I DO right ?' Okay ... Maybe husbands just can't hold back as wives is pregnant * menstruation is unacceptable except your wife having non-stop menstruate * , they are not convenient for sexual intercourse but as a husband , you have the obligation to be loyal to your wife * after the vow * , so i think you probably have to masturbate , just imagine that you don't have a woman like when you are on high school ... What's so difficult ?' But if you think you need a fresh and tight vagina then you probably should think that your wife also need a better , longer and thinker dick to be satisfied !!! 

So excited for the final/extra final episode of The Fierce Wife ... 
Here is the trailer ... 

Okay ... 
Back to the topic ...
By the way , there is nothing much i can say but of course the appearance of the ' third person ' in a relationship is not only the extra person's fault is also the guy/boyf's fault as he cheats on girlf !!! Should have cut it ... HaHa :D 

The end ... ❤

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

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Anonymous said...

Funny how people never sit down and think about this - it takes 2 hands to clap. Do you think the affair can happen if only 1 party shiok sendiri? No. Some have affair for the thrill and excitement, some have affair for the money, some is because they are already taken (married with kids). I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this topic. It all depends on each individual's point of view.