Thursday, September 20, 2012

Win a diamond with All Shiny White brought to you by DARLIE ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Do you have a diamond like smile ?' * What's that supposed to mean ?' * Do you have a charming smile that shine through everyone's eyes ?' For a charming smile , you must have a white and neat teeth right ?' But no money for laser whitening ?' Then here is everyone's savior !!! Brought to you by DARLIE  

Beside having a white teeth for your charming smile , they are having contest for you to shine through everyone's smile and grab away a 1 carat DIAMOND !!! Diamond !!! It might be your 1st ever DIAMOND in your life !!! Join the contest and stand a chance for 1 carat diamond now !!! 

iPad's version : 
Visit to join the contest ... 

For the e-mails shown in the picture above , i'm not sure whether the e-mail appear will be the same for everyone but please fill up your information before sending the picture so you will find out which e-mail is available for you to send the picture !!! 

DO & DON'T :

Good Luck to everyone who join ... :) 

For more information : 

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