Tuesday, October 9, 2012

20121010 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

For those who sitting PMR , all the best and good luck !!! 

Okay ... Didn't update my blog for a week jor !!! 
So let me update my recent life , if you are not interested , inhale , exhale , put your hand on your mouse or trackpad , move your arrow to the ' X' and click , thanks :) 
If you follow my Twitter , you will know that i did a BIG BIG BIG mistake ever in my life * not really though * , I ran away while i supposed to be on work ... What Da Fuck am i thinking ?' * i also have no idea , can u tell me ?' * I'm became a freelancer jor !!! I want to earn shitty lots of money for my own car , house and property so that i can become a billionaire ... * Become a billionaire is my DREAM * For sure , I AM FUCKING REGRET AND GUILTY ABOUT ME RUNNING AWAY FROM JOB !!! I swear to god i will never do that again no matter how boring , cruel or madness the job is !!! If papa know this , he will straight away cane me !!! * For sure , i've got fired * 

* Not-my-name-on-it pass ... DAFUQ ?' * 
Why this picture ?' Because tomorrow will be the very first times in my life of wearing corporate wears !!! I never have or wear a blazer before even though blazer used to be trending , i never have a long sleeve shirt and i never have or wear pencil skirt before !!! * What normal person will have those kind of clothing ?' * By the way , my tomorrow job position is dubbed as Exhibitor Assistant , it sound pretty cool right ?' * I'm actually working with Japanese , exhibitor are from Japan * And what my jobscopes are ?' Is actually just distribution of flyers , survey form and gift for visitors , it looked a lots like my previous job which conduct survey and ask people to join games ... Is that necessary to wear like this ?' Hmm ... * whatsoever , as long as they pay * 

I have bought these three cosmetic from Maybelline with me ... If you are detail enough , i wrote before that i don't do make up but now i have no choice but put on the freaking make up because of the Japanese's job !!! I think M'sia should start to boikot Japan ... HaHa #kidding * M'sia too poor to do so * I just did make up once after i stopped doing make up when i was 15 or 16 because of my skin condition !!! So i will never go for those which needda full make up or make up's job ... >.< Now i force to put them on !!! Fuck !!! I've tried them on just now and aww ... >.< Putting foundation on my face make me feel like mars have move to my face !!! So disgusting man !!! But what to do ?' I will put them on for a week and i will make a review for it because the Watson lady who in corporate wear told me to have them because of their mineral's ingredient which good for sensitive skin and will not clogged up the pores !!! Let's try on me then we will see !!! * i have a super sensitive skin and i really hope they treat me well * 

GODIVA Chocolatier ... Have you try before ?' Imma super miss it !!! This is from my cousin who graduated from UK and buy us this as souvenir ... * I don't think he knew me and my bro are chocoholics * It taste not sweet but super good man and he said it costed like RM 100 + ... :O No wonder it taste so good ... I'm wondering whether we can get it here or not ?' >.< 

This is H&M's new fall collection model ... Lana Del Rey !!! I don't think i know who is she but this is not the point ... What do you think when you look at those photos for H&M collection one ?' I seriously think the photographer or someone who in charge ask her to have sex with them otherwise not gonna choose her as the new fall collection's model ... #JustKidding But i seriously think that she having too much botox that she can't smile or even move part of her face !!! She looked so unhappy rather than fucking chic okay ?' What Da Face is that ?' None of the photos for those collection i saw on monorail or elsewhere are smiling one , is like being force to take those collection's pictures !!! I feel really stress every single time i saw those pictures on the monorail i'm taking !!! #FACT 

Okay ... 
That's all for today's post , have to sleep now , already 2 am ..Zzzzzz

Have a nice day ... ❤

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