Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Day Out on 24/10 at Pavillion ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
* Dying my hair while blogging , excited about the new hair color boh ?' * 
It's Wednesday so that's mean it is time for movie lar ... LOL !!! Actually wanted to pick up something so jio my cousin to make accompany to me , she also bored at home what ... :D And so i bought what i post on my previous haul's post stuff ... And broke now !!! 

We went to old town for lunch and while waiting the food to be served , it is so bored and my cousin ask me to play FaceBook as they having free WiFi service but you know my phone is BlackBerry which is not touch screen so ... =.= Hate it when i don't have touch screen phone while everyone is swiping or scrolling !!! * Gonna get one soon ?' Or later !!! * So i took out my camera and selca ... >.< 

Random selca and capturing ... 

Forgot what their name on the menu but the drink is chocolate flavor and it is ice-cream-bread ... Both are my favorite !!! 

Next i'm gonna show the best part of my day in Pavillion ... 

TaDa ... My future car ... No !!! Our future car man !!! Definitely !!! Imma so on love with it !!! 
Before come into the real show car , i actually show the poster in front of the escalator and it caught my attention within 1 second because i actually randomly point to something and say " Wow ... It's nice !!! " to my cousin due to the awful-silence and i just keep my eyes on it after i saw it !!! And suddenly " POOPPPP " , the car is in front of me !!! 

Fucking amazing/beautiful/handsome/magnificent right ?' Feel like test-driving it but i don't know how to drive and i don't think it can be operate ... >.< GOOD JOB , BMW !!! * i actually call it Batman-car :D * 

Back to food again ... 
Do you know where i am ?' SHIMINO !!! Never stop craving it but i only tried one before which J and didn't try others because i keep order the same one !!! :D 

Dress from Hartamas Mall 
Bag from Hush Puppies 
Shoe from CROCS 

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

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