Monday, October 22, 2012

CRISPY Chocolate ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Long time no see !!!

Have been working and now i am finally done with freaking cotton candy man !!! Hmm ... Not really cotton candy , it is actually making of cotton candy !!! * I bet no one will done with cotton candy as they are sweet thingy including me * Having severe flu right now , sneezing like hell the whole day ... I bet it is because of somehow i ' accidentally ' inhale the candy floss and they stuck in my nostril and became boogers maybe ... And maybe somehow stuck in my airway so i have to sneeze like hell to get them to somewhere else ... LOL * mind-fucked nonsense * 

So it is like finally i have time to update my blog again ... Toiletries' post ?' LOL NO !!! I'm gonna do my-favorite-snack's post ... Macaroons ?' N-O NO !!! I've tried macaroons and hmm ... The taste is not what i'm expected since everyone is like so obsessed with it ... I don't like macaroons !!! * weirdo huh ?' i don't like snowflake either * 

TaDa ... CRISPY chocolate !!! 
I think is my bro recommended this for me ... Or my friend ?' * not sure though and who cares ?' As long as it is taste good * Why i like this ?' Because not the whole thing are covered by chocolate , there is other stuff like rice cereal which made it not-super-thick like KitKat !!! * i know there is biscuit between KitKat but still too thick for me * What i meant with thick is actually sweet but then i'm wondering is chocolate supposed to taste sweet ?' * doubting * 

Nutrition data 

I finished the whole bar and now you must be thinking that's why i'm so fat right ?' TRUE >.< 
* Because it is chocolate , you will get fever or headache * 
Check out their website for fun games and prizes ! 

PS :
Any hair salon with reasonable price recommended ?' Or any hair dye brand like liese recommended ?' 
* Time to fix my hair >.< * 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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