Monday, October 15, 2012

Johnson's Body Lotion ... ❤

* Sexy Back huh ?' * 
Heylo ... Heylo ... :) 
A little bit busy with working recently so lack of updating my blog , so sorry >.< !!! 
And now i'm here to update ... Still , a toiletries's post ... HeHeHeHe * Mr. Bean's tittering * Gonna be a body lotion's post !!! Did i mentioned in any previous post that my favorite brand of body lotion is Johnson's ?' * I 1000 % sure i did , you better check back :D * 

I have been using Johnson's body lotion since high school so i bet it is like 5 years already ?' Imma a loyal fans to Johnson's ... Actually my mum is the one who use them first before me , i used to not applying lotion everyday because it is a troublesome for me - Lazzzzzzzii Queen !!! I have forgotten since when or what happened that made me stick to this applying-lotion-everyday's habit ... But i have seen a body lotion's TV commercial from other's brand like try to gently scrape your skin with your nail and if there is like white line , that's mean your skin is dry !!! Frankly , i don't have those line now ... * Saying it with thousand % confidence * And actually it is super duper embarrassing when you accidentally scrape your skin and you didn't realized that there are lineSsss but others did and they say it out loud like me ... >.< * I know i'm not supposed to do so , SORRY !!! * 

3 types of body lotion from Johnson's i have ...

This is the one i'm using now ... 

The one i'm using actually came along with the oxygen fresh new series ... I was thinking to get a small bottle of Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion and do a post of it but i tried it in Watson and it is too watery for me ... So i get 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion instead as my previous body lotion is ran out !!! I love the smell of 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion , it smell like perfume ?' No , it smell better than perfume indeed !!! The smell long lasting also neh ... 

I'm having the 2nd bottle as the 1st ran out jor ... :) 

I really love their products ... Sometimes , i'm thinking to apply those lotion on my face so that my face also become like my body skin ... Smooth !!! Radiant !!! No pimples !!! * I know if i do so my face's skin will becoming worse because body lotion is too thick for face , it will clogged pores up * Pic's lotion is 24 Hour 

This is my previous daily body lotion before the 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion ... * i think 24 Hour is the replacement for this because it don't see this in Watson today ... A little bit down !!! LOL * I love it too because it really double nourishing my skin and made my skin smoother and fairer ... Serious geh !!! Actually it is more easy to spread compare with 24 Hour 's body lotion but they don't smell like perfume ... :D But still smell good lar , maybe something like fresh !!! And more important , it is 500 ml per bottle compare with 400 ml per bottle of 24 Hour ... HaHaHaHa :D * Not sure about the price though , forget * 

I think this is the one made my friends ' smell ' my existence a miles away ... This is the one i got when i first try on Johnson's and recently i use it as a massage's lotion ... It smelled pretty ' thick ' !!! 

Start applying lotion to every inch of your body , ladies ... 
You don't want your partner to see the white lineSssss on your arms , thigh or even breast !!! Johnson's body lotion is fucking suitable for those who having sensitive skin like me because they basically designed for baby ... HaHa :D #kidding They are gentle and mild to skin that even the BEST one for babies !!! Furthermore , they are affordable !!! * You can apply one bottle per day and you will still rich if you are rich * 

Free advertisement for Johnson's because they are the best ... ❤  

Have a nice day ... ❤  

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