Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 1st Haul's post ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Here to update again ... Hope you won't XIAN ME FAN :D

I'm gonna do a haul's post today ... No video haul as i can't talk well/fluently >.< Went to shop a little bit and i'm officially broke now , bankrupt already but was having fun so never mind will work hard later !!! I think i will only do haul's post like once for a year because i don't really have much money to spend on those stuff ... >.< * poor me *

I bought a slipper from CROCS for my brother as his current one is so louya one !!! I really love CROCS ... I have a flat from CROCS and i love wearing them and it is versatile too for work , shop or classes ... It looked completely fine with any style i have and there is a month that i need to stand almost 12 hours everyday while working and my legs didn't feel pain at all man !!! That's why i love CROCS !!! It worth the price !!! But i really hope like every outlet of them can have every model of them so that i don't have to go 1Utama which is a thousand miles away !!! * but i went to Pavillion * 

I actually plan to get the wedges below for my coming job as their need heel ... * wedges and heel , the same right ?' * I even check their FaceBook's pages and the picture's caption that stating which selected outlet will have it , that's why i went to Pavillion instead of Alpha Aeon which is just walking distance from my house !!! And they have no stock and there is stock coming only on tomorrow ... >.<  I know it doesn't look good on the picture but i bet it will be nice after putting it on and it will be super comfy to stand the whole day ... 

So i get others instead of waiting them or go to other CROCS's outlet because it need it soon and i don't wanna go out so often ... You know DI QIU SHI HEN WEI QIAN DE !!! 

Next ... 
Drugstore's shopping is a must lar ... 
* Unifi is slowing down ... You know what is that mean ?' My bro have no school and playing tons of online games or watching his so-called-nice Japan animation ... =.= * 

I bought liese , Elegant Ash color ... * Will be another post for liese soon * Chose one of the new dark tone series because i kinda disliking my bright tone hair now !!! >.< So hard to make it look healthy or smooth without fly away !!! LISTERINE and double eyelids glue ... Gonna start wearing double eyelids tape or glue to make my eyes look bigger and looking good while selca-ing ... 

This is the double eyelids tape i got from SASA ... Now they are having promotion ?' Like any 3 items onward , you will get further 10% off !!! But i only managed to get this because i need to meet my lovely bro up so have no time to pick others up !!! Actually i wanted to get double sided double eyelids tape from Chinkie Candy which Chuckei always mention but i never shop online because there is no quality guarantee and always the transfer money or the parcel might just be somehow disappear in the midway of post to my home so i try whether i can get it at the drugstore and this is the only one which double sided double eyelids tape in SASA ... * i couldn't find any in Watson * And there is a lots of bad comment too * for Chinkie Candy * 

I mentioned i need a pair of heels for my coming job right ?' So i went to BATA ...

Remember the last time i went to BATA is for white school shoe and i think it had been thousand years ago ... LOL NO !!! Maybe 5 or 6 years ago but now i can find more in BATA and there is a brand named marie claire ... It sound like a singer name right ?' I also get myself a new bag from marie claire too ... LOVe it !!! 

Nice ?' I know !!! It doesn't look nice in the picture ... >.< 

Okay so here come to the end of the haul's post , hope you guys enjoy it ... :) 
* Do you realized who i plagiarized from ?' * 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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