Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Schwarzkopf Extra Care's Daily Hair Care ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How you guys doing ?' It is like finally i can update my blog again !!! October will be a super duper tension month for me , final exam is coming really soon and working as part timer for mon$$$y !!! So i'm gonna post another product again which i have been using like for one week or more ... Feeling like my blog gonna turn into a toiletries' blog !!! Trying out every single new toiletries and write a post * i think it is a not-bad idea as i don't do make up * 

SO what is the product i'm gonna do ?' 

TaDa ... 
From Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair's series ... 
I decided to try them out because i did tried my mommy's hair treatment from Schwarzkopf and it is like super effective , you will see the result after first trial man !!! How epic it is !!! And in my acknowledgement , they never have product sell in Guardian or Watson because they are classified as high-class products * expensive one * and now they came out with affordable and effective daily hair care products !!! A BIG WOW FROM EVERYONE !!! * The set in the picture above costed me less than RM 100 * 

3X Liqiud Keratin ...
What is Keratin ?' Keratin is a protein and also a key structural component of skin , hair and nails !!! 
So what does Keratin do to our hair ?' 

Above is a picture that i got from Google !!!
Before-and-After Keratin's smoothing treatment in hair salon !!! She did it in salon which might probably cost her like RM 250 or more but now you can get like after-hair-salon-treatment's hair just by using Schwarzkopf's series !!! * Sound like i'm advertising kuat kuat man * 

My hair ... <3 
Feel like chop it off sometimes but LOL NO !!! I'm gonna keep it til Rapunzel's length , WaKaKaKaa ...

Conditioner ... 
Only have to massage and rinse thoroughly !!! For other like the one i use before , for conditioner , i actually have to leave conditioner for 2-3 mins !!! This is totally a TIME-SAVING savior lar ... :D 

Hair treatment/mask ...
Leave it for only freaking 1 min !!! * nothing much to say * 

Hair spray treatment ...
Shake well to mix the 2 layers before spray on your hair ... 
I love how this series of daily hair products smell like !!! Not too heavy but long-lasting and the way they smell like is quite unique !!! Smell it on the Watson or Guardian !!! :D 

Once ago , i watched a fashion's talkshow and the host actually asked the expert hairstylist like " We always style our hair with HEAT so we have to go hair salon like every 2-3 days once to have a healthy and smooth hair ?' " The answer is freaking NO !!! We all will be broke and whoever who owned a salon , no matter how cheap stake they are will be a freaking billionaire !!! According to the hairstylist , he said that " Don't have to be there so often and having simple daily hair care is enough for a non-damage from HEAT's hair ! " 

So choose your daily hair care products carefully ...

You will feel your hair is different in a good way whenever you started using it , it is like in the first trial !!! 

Styling time : 

#1 :
Versatile headband + straight hair 

#2 : 
Ponytails ( All up or side bangs ) - Straight hair 

* Spot my daily hair care products in my shower bag ?' * 

#3 : 
Ponytails + bangs - Curly hair 

#4 : 
Romantic Curly hair ?' 

My favorite part ...
* Is not that curling is my favorite part , the curly hair is my favorite * 

One direction's bangs ... :D 

I spent almost total 12 hours to complete this post and you better appreciate it !!! Can i get hair salon sponsorship ?' LOL * I'm probably very serious here * 

Have a nice day ... ❤


Anonymous said...

Looking for hair model who are willing to chop their hair to shoulder length.

Are you interested?

cecilia said...

Wow.. you are so luck to have beautiful hair.. thanks for sharing your beauty tips.. if you dont mind..may I know..what colour did you use for this colour? Thnks..