Monday, November 19, 2012

19112012 vs Haul ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Went to the formal/official interview today , that kind of interview that you have to bring your resume and certificate to show them the qualification you have ... Damn nervous man , but luckily didn't have that kind of butterfly in my stomach that will make me don't-know-what-myself-is-saying ... HaHa :D Hmm ... I hope i will get the job , please >.< WISH ME LUCK !!! 

Anyway , something bad happened on me ... For normal person , we won't have like formal skirt and formal long-sleeve shirt right ... But i do have one formal skirt as i bought it for my previous job and i can't find it this morning when i need that for my interview's grooming so i went to my elder sis wardrobe for one and she is damn mad now ... >.< I actually tell her straight away but she didn't reply my messages and i have no choice but wear it ... >.< * Why so mad ?' I know it is like intruded her privacy , that's why !!! * But IMMA REALLY SORRY !!! * Hope she will read this ... >.< *

Okay ... 
Back to today post's topic , it is about toiletries again but this time , it is a haul's post ... :) 

I got myself Cetaphil because my skin is getting worse due to make up ... >.< * I do make up because of the requirement from work >.< * I really hope it will help my bad skin !!! And i actually do did some researches about it in Cetaphil's website , Acne-prone so yea ... 

TaDa ... 
My favorite Johnson's !!! Each twin pack only cost RM 25.88 in Guardian neh ... So i bought 2 pack with me so now i have 4 bottles waiting for me ... YiPee !!! I think the promotion end at the 31st of the December so hurry up man !!! Super Duper worthy + I got RM 6 voucher from my friend ... The voucher you guys can get it in Guardian KLCC at the weekend !!! T&C applied . 

Guardian's mask ...
Here is my review about Guardian's mask ... I'm lovin it so here we go for another one and another Double Intensive Brightening one !!! Worth a try !!!

Bought this for blackheads removal cause i keep getting complained by people that they saw my blackhead(S) !!! I hope it work , please ... Remove all my blackheads !!! 

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

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