Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Launching of Air BB Cream from Hada Labo ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Invited for Hada Labo Air BB Cream's launching ... Imma really lucky and have a great time too while meeting a lots of bloggers !!! Actually this is my 1st time attending some official event and i hope there will be more to come , please do e-mail me for invitation !!!

I bet everyone on the earth know about Hada Labo right ?' So do i necessary need to do introduction about it ?' LOL NO !!! I have been using them and what i'm saying is , IMMA FUCKING LOVE THEM !!! HaHa :D So i'm really appreciate that imma one of them who been invited . And they held the launching event at ACME BAR & COFFEE !!! Let's have a look on the restaurant first ... 



Basically , it is a high-class restaurant ?' Hmm ... Not sure though , if only i can get through they menu with prices !!! HaHa :D They actually still operate like usual , serving diner and the launching event is on upper floor ... Let's check it out !!! 

How ?' Not bad lar , right ?' Actually the decoration is from the restaurant's usual decorative and by just adding the Hada Labo's products on and some simple compulsory decor for the launching ... Anyways , they served us well !!! By the way , invitation card stated that the event will be starting at 3 pm and end at 5 pm so i thought i was late because i reached there like 3 ++ pm but apparently i am not late and there is only a few bloggers there ... >.< #notabigcaseforKLpeople 


Just some pictures while waiting for the event to start ... SOME ?' That's fucking lots right ?' I know !!! HaHa :D Let's have a look on what they have for us in stomach-filling ... * I know i smile awkward ... >.< * 



They are caring enough ... Why would i say so ?' Because ... 
Because when they served the #1 one , i pretend like " Oh ... Food is here !!! " , in my mind " Fuck this , i'm vegetarian neh !!! " HaHa :D And then like 5-10 mins later , they served the #2 one and i was like " Oh , thanks god !!! " HaHa :D Are they caring enough ?' Yes for me !!! 



It is like finally someone begin the launching by briefing about the New Air BB Cream from Hada Labo !!! #3 , i think she is a boss ?' * Sorry ... Can't remember !!! * #4 , she is a make-up artist , a famous one according to #3 but i think i saw her somewhere maybe in a magazine or else ... They brought a model along for demonstration of the New Air BB Cream ... 

This model is like having a fucking good skin man so can't see the before-and-after differences in the pictures or even in real ... >.< But don't worry , there is always more ... After finished demonstrated on the fucking-good-skin model , they asked us among bloggers is there anyone volunteer to try it on !!! I bet when girls heard this , their brain automatically think of having naked-face in front of other girls so don't dare to volunteer , even me unless you have a fucking-good-skin-condition and you wanted to show off but there is always a brave girl as well so TaDa ... * I'm not saying she have a bad skin condition , ok ?' *

Look at the coverage ... Compare both side , i know her skin is quite good also so dark circles is the obvious comparison you can have ... This new Air BB Cream from Hada Labo comes in 2 tone , Natural Beige and Ivory Beige ... By just looking at the name of the tones , i can't really know or even remember which is for fair or darker skin ... >.< Anyway ... 

Will have a try on it and will write a review about it ... * Ignore my hand * 


What is in the goodies bag ?' Stay tuned ... 

Have a nice day ... ❤
Stay tuned for Air BB's review ... ❤ 

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