Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 vs 2013 ... ❤

Hey Hey Aloha ...
How are you guys ?' Hope you all doing good :)

Finally i have time to update ... 
So the earth didn't crash on 21st of December 2012 and so here is the 31st of December - the last day of 2012 so looking backward , i know human being should be march forward, looking forward instead of flashing back right ?' But what do you achieved in 2012 ?' Still in the same place, same position, same situation ?' And what have you done ?' Where have you been ?' Who have you met ?' I don't know yours but i'm gonna share mine to you all and what's my goals in 2013 ... Let's fight together !!!

  • Invited to Hada Labo Air BB Cream launching event in Acme Bar & Coffee ( this is my proudest things in the year)
  • Met/Know the one that no matter what happened to him still wanna be with him 
  • Family Reunion even though we been together for more/less than 19 years but i never feel the one-family-feeling before so now i do even though something bad happened (cherished every moment)
  • Got a nail salon sponsored - Nail Queen Berjaya Times Square 
  • Nuffnang acc finally started running * I mean my earnings >...< *
  • Been to TARC * Woo ... What a suck experience i have which i can share with my children *
  • Get a full time job which in a law firm * WTF right ? *
  • Started playing WeChat and met new friends 
  • Have a smartphone back even though it is not i-product
  • Get myself bangs LOL
  • Have a camera bought it with my own money and get blog's picture quality improved 
And blah blah blah ...
Anyways, i think i kinda wasted my 2012 because after 5 or 10 years i don't think i can tell what i have done  or did something very memorize-able in 2012 ... >...<
Too much can be happened in a year so let's it go and start thinking how you want your 2013 to be done ...
  • Keep updating my blog as often as possible and as contented as possible 
  • Join more event either from friends or any brands one 
  • Earn more and more 
  • Try to get myself a sharpei/pet * Wanna it so badly >...< *
  • Try to be more talkative and more friendly and nice * I'm try so hard already, sorry *
  • Become more and more beautiful ( I'm not shameless, this is every girls' thought )

Ok ... 
Let's see what i said i will achieve in 2012 and whether i done it or not ... >...<

Check out the post here ...
- Be mature 
   ( Yes, i did because i have to ) 
- Control my temper 
   ( Yes, won't mad in front of people face )
- Put more effort on my academic part 
   ( Yes ... )
- Take care of my image 
   ( Yes ... )
- Update blog more often 
   ( A big YES compare to last year )
- Be more friendly 
   ( >...< FAILED )

So how is yours ?' 
Review is a great way to get yourself improvement rather than not knowing what you have done ... 
So good luck and all the best to all of you and have a great new year (eve) !

Have a nice day ... ❤

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