Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Desserts ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Back to work ?' Back to school ?' I know ! I know right ! It is like " Why ?' Why there is no earth crush on the 21st of Dec ... " Am i right ?' HaHaHa :D Get your ass back to work ! Desserts do cheer me up, how about you ?' So i'm gonna share the desserts i have tried on these few days ! 

First one ... 
Venue : Sunway Pyramid 
Now they having BUY 2 FREE ONE so we got one more extra ... 
We ordered chocolate, strawberry and raspberry and only chocolate is suit my appetite on the moment so yea ... The other two is good also but still depends on your on-the-moment-appetite lar and they taste a little sour ! 

RATE : ★★★
Service : 

Second one ... 
Venue : KLCC

I forgot to take a picture of what i ordered and i look in the their FaceBook and i ordered something like this hmm ... It taste not bad but the shape didn't look nice like in the pictures but the strawberries are fresh ! 

RATE : ★★★
Service : 

Third one ... 
Venue : Berjaya Times Square

I ordered #original flavor and know what ?' It taste like shit man, I have no idea why it is so famous while ago, human beings started to like the taste of shit ?' HaHaHa :D 

Service : 
Know why i only gave one love for service ?' It is impossible to get 5 loves service but it is possible to get one or even zero love service ! When i went there and i actually ask the employee like " Which one do you recommended ?' " Because i can't choose or else ending up buying each flavor each so she gave me the dead-fish face and reply my questions after 30-50 seconds or maybe longer ... WTF >...< Furthermore, it cost RM 10 for this taste-like-shit-cake ! 

Pictures :  

For me, having desserts with friend(s) and chit chatting is happy ; Having desserts alone and daydreaming is also a happy things to me, it is not a lonely thing even though i'm alone !!! 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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