Friday, January 4, 2013

Do You Dare to Say NO ... ❤

This is an old photo and you can see this series of photos in my earlier schwarzkopf's post ... 

Howdy guys ... :) 
* This post for sure will have rude words to accentuate how much i mean it *

For god's sake, i like peoples to be fucking honest with me when i requested something from you or invite you to somewhere ... I don't mind you ask me why or when and where for the invitation but if you know you couldn't make it in the first place, fucking tell me that before you proceed to where and when or even with who !!! 

Conversation i have made with my sis :-

Me : I wanna go out for food, do you wanna come ?' * I'm outside the door *
Sis : Huh ?' But what ?' What food ?' 
Me : Just something to eat lar ... It only takes a few minutes ! 
Sis : Huh ?' Where is the stall located ?' * Walking toward the door with sour face *
Me : Is okay if you say NO, I'm not pushing you ... 
Sis : No then ! * Turn around and walking back to where she was *

Fuck yea, what do you think ?' Why not say " No, sorry ! I don't feel like walking . " or " Don't Want ! " straight away into my face rather than wasting my time expecting you to say " Sure, why not ?' " ! There is another conversation which i made with my friend ... 

Me : Hey ... Are you free on tomorrow afternoon ?' 
Xxong : Why ?' 
Me : I have an event to attend, can you make accompany to me ?' 
Xxong : How you know ?' I maybe have work ...
Me : then you couldn't make it ?' 
Xxong : Go there for what ?' At where ?' Expensive neh ...
Me : It is like a fashion show and blah blah blah 
Xxong : Where ?'
Me : Midvalley 
Xxong : Wow ... I think KLCC !
Me : Then how ?' 
Xxong : You think i'm free ?' I maybe have work !

She straight away translate from Chinese's sentences so the last sentences, she is kinda insulted when i'm there expecting something ! Fuck yea ... Actually she sure that she have work on the next day but she said maybe have work, she added maybe is because she wanted to know whether there is something good that she don't wanna miss it ... What the Fuck right ?' Waste time only !!!

Reply equivocate-ly is rude already and IGNORING is the worst one ... 
I fucking hate peoples ignoring my request or when i ask you something and you are in the bad mood and you ignored me then fuck yea you will never have chance to speak to me again because i'm an expert in ignoring people i don't like ... 
I remember i asked my sis for something maybe a mirror or else " Sis, can i have this for a while ?' " Silent ... Silent ... And SILENT ! " Heylo ... Can you hear me ?' Can i have this ?' " Silent ... Dafuq ?' Am i the worm in your stomach ?' Why do you expect me to know you are thinking of NO ?' From now on, i better take silence as a YES !!! HaHaHaHa :D 
Anyways, FYI ignoring girls that gathered all the courage and tell you they like you is fucking extremely RUDE like shit ... Why can't you tell " Sorry, maybe we can be friends first ?' " or " Sorry, i have girlf ... " or " Sorry, I don't wanna deal with this ! " What so hard for a guy to say something when girls already have the courage to tell you she likes you ?' * Roll eyes * 


Have a nice day ... ❤

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