Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Schwarzkopf FreshLight Ash Foam Color ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

After We Love Asia Music Festival, i went to relatives wedding buffet, went to karaoke with babes *and now i know my babes have a loud and sexy running tones vocal SHhhhh*, i watched sexy 'Parker', i cut my nails short and i have my hair D.I.Y. again ... >...< Aww i think you already know the result if you did read my D.I.Y. hair color's post before ... :( 

Anyways, i'm gonna post it but my sis said it is quite okay ... Hmm *doubting* 

Before that, show you how ugly my hair is with the pudding color ... >...< 

See how my hair mixed with the night sky and LOL my babe have the same problem with me but she fixed that already ... *peace* I miss my long fringe, aww >...< Bangs need way too much commitment which is a troublesome for lazy me ... :( And because the hair grow and only the bottom part of my bangs have the blonde color, it made my bangs looked oily even i just shampooed and blow-dried my hair ... >...< So need to fix it urgently !!! 

#Ugly #Pudding #Roots
 #Oily even I just shampooed my hair 

I know i'm in pyjamas and you hardly believe that i have my hair shampooed but i DID and i took bath after finish hair dying !!! And the hair color is too light for photos, too frizzy and too much fly away !!! So i bought hair dyer with me ... 

#Schwarzkopf  #ASH

I actually quite like the color which is something like Elegant Ash which i posted previously ... But i'm too mischevious to color it correctly so here i am with something different HaHaHaHa ... Maybe i still in love with the light color on my hair, it is quite nice but not the black pudding roots !!! I can't just retouch the black pudding roots because the light color is the faded color after bleached and blah blah blah color which i don't know what color it turned out ... >...< 

So what is the mischevious way of doing it ?' 
In order to get rid the black-and-blonde combination bangs and black pudding roots but trying to keep the original hair color along, i decided to put my hair into braids and ... 

#Schwarzkopf have their special designed packages which made us convenience and avoiding stained on your favourite desk or cloth ... Lovin' it !!! 

Put on a shirt which you don't mind staining - the shirt you wanna throw one ... LOL
I left the bottom part after the braids un-dyed so that i will have like ombre effect *Shit, i know i sound stupid*

Sorry that i have no nice pictures for this post ... 

My dears, 
I got questions about my hair color from time to time ... For those who wondering, no worry !!! 
I do a blog post everytimes i changed my hair color so if you like my current hair color, you can check my archives back to know what is the color ... :) 
I'm not paid by the brands to do the hair color's blog post but sooner or later i hope i can work with some brands so that you guys know what brand to get if you like the hair color ... #Schwarzkopf is on my wishlist, i'm also using their daily hair wash products - full set !!! LOL 

Anyways, this is such a failure ... 
Next time i will be a mama-kid and color my whole hair correctly ...

Have a nice day ... ❤