Friday, January 11, 2013

Silky Girl vs Majolica Majorca vs Mascara ... ❤

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Sorry for not updating ... How are you guys doing ?' Hope you all doing fine there ... :) 

Okay ... Let's talk about mascara today ! Girls' topic !
Personally, i like mascara which give me a natural look without looking a thick coat of mascara - " cockroaches legs " on my lashes ... It still need to lengthen and volumize my natural lashes but without giving me the " cockroaches legs " So let's see what i have with me ... 

My natural lashes without any coat of mascara :- 

Volumize : ★★★
Lengthen : ★★★
Cockroaches legs : ★★★
Price : RM 45-00 
Easy to remove :  Definitely hard 
How to use : Refer to the brush's picture below ... 
                    Use the below part to apply first then use the upper part to apply again 
Opinion : Even though it is a little expensive compare to other's drugstore brands and it definitely hard to 
              remove, it give you dramatic natural lashes without the help of falsies but not natural looking ... >...< 

2nd Product : Silky Girl Eye Opener 
Volumize : ★★★
Lengthen : ★★★
Cockroaches legs : ★★★
Price : RM 20
Easy to remove : Moderate 
Opinion : It gives you dramatic lashes without the help of falsies ... 

3rd Product : Silky Girl Hi-Definition 
Volumize : Depend
Lengthen : Depend
Cockroaches legs : Depend
Price : RM 16
Easy to remove : Depend
Opinion : Why i put every single characteristics in " depend " ?' It is because the gel inside already dry out 
               and i always use other gel with it brush so can't really know how is the original gel with the brush 
               doing ... But i do like the brush as it really give me no cockroaches legs and natural enough lashes 
               which i can use in naked face make up to give myself a natural " no make-up " look ... :) 

 Pictures :

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

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