Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We Love Asia Music Festival Day 2 w/ RedFoo-LMFAO ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Yeah ... Been so excited for this blog post but the bad thing is i don't have the stage pictures where my favorite artist is on show ... >...< Fuck ! Should have stand in the first line and the middle facing the stage >...< Kill me !!! But i will try to steal some from others ! 

My babe went with me that night so we definitely having fun !!! Thanks babe and the driver *LOL , my friend lar which drive us there* for went there with me :) I'm sexy and i know it - LMFAO was there that's why i wearing red lips that night as they named themselves a new name ?' REDFOO !!! I hope i can get his kind of glasses or even the sexy singlet ... >...< I hope i can take picture or even just hand shake with them ... >...< I heard there is backstage's passes , DAMN !!! 

When in the middle of typing, mum come and 'stick' me and suspect that i'm having boyfriend right now ... =...= Zzzzz How come when i'm in relationship, no one suspect but when i'm single, she suspect everything ... Zzzzz

Babe - Chong Stella and Jess *if i didn't mistaken the spelling* 
One bad thing with bangs is it never keep in place even you walk very very peacefully ... Zzzz Please ignore the bangs and hair because i was in hurry ... Hmm ... Actually not because i have extra 2 - 3 hours for grooming but it never enough for a girl ... >...< And i know ! After this blog post is published, you guys will say " Oh No ! You are not just chubby, you are fat ! " :( *I'm not fishing for any compliment because i know the i'm-fat's fact*

Ignore the guy behind, if you saw this you might tag yourself ... =...= Zzzzz
Should have a pairs of contact lens for nice night photos !!! I keep asking babe to take picture for or with me but she kinda went snap in the end ... ZZzzzz She is the one used to take pictures especially selfca every sec but now is my turn ?' >...< LOL Keep waiting for my LMFAO/RedFoo ...

Managed to stole this photos from WELOVEASIA's official page ... 
You did workout ... :O *shy* *shy* Is his hair real one ?' Can i have his glasses/shirt ?' Please !!!
I'm so glad that they didn't bother about the Malaysia's rule by performing I'm Sexy and I Know It with only sexy underwear on !!! LMFAO, you bitch ! You turn me into a clubbing kaki !!! HaHaHaHaHa 

I didn't stay til the end but i hope i can ... >...< 
Steve Aoki was good too and LMFAO came out to join Steve Aoki in the end !!! FML !!! I should take leave on the next day so that i can stay and enjoy til the end where LMFAO/RedFoo came out ... Zzzz Hope they will be in Malaysia again !!! Fucking love you, LMFAO/RedFoo ...

Selfca ... 
When i was selfca with babe, a white who holding his girlfriend came and ask " Can i take a picture with you ?' " Even i answer 'No' but he and his girlfriend still squeeze in try to fit in the picture but the picture didn't turned out well so can't show ... :( *unlucky* Chinese guy will never do that, this is why i want a white to be my man ! LOL 

Top : ZARA
Jeans : Mango
Shoes : Jelly Bunny 

We have a great great night ... 
Thanks to WeLoveAsia for 2 free ticket and another 2 free ticket from xxx ... 
Hope there will be more and more fun event like this ... :) 

Have a nice day ... ❤


Mr Lonely said...

i wish i can have the free tickets~ haha~

TheJessicat said...

I was there too! Had an amazing time. Glad u had fun! :D