Monday, February 4, 2013

Lonely Valentine's Day ... ?' ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

After reading Mr. Lonely's blog, I feel like blogging everyday from now like what time i woke up this morning, what i ate, did i put my babe FFK *which i did today >...<*, how is my love life and etc. " Mr.Lonely, I'm not teasing or something, I'm really enjoyed reading your blog :) " You guys can read through his blog when you're bored, the contents are just so real and so close to the real life that maybe describing you or me ! * LOL It is actually some kind of dairy so it is 101% REAL * 

I've answered one of the questions from my previous post with " I hate Chinese's dick(s) ! " right ?' But guess what, i hate white or even freaky BLACK's dick(s) as well ... I won't choose dick(s) over a guy's attitude or behavior >...< Even a guy have the world best dick/sex skills, no girls will stay with him forever, someone get to you for a try ?' Some girls stay for a while to have fun a little while ?' No one will stay with you forever just for sex because eventually your skills will depleted ! So my answer basically just for those "perverts" ... 

What February make you think of ?' Basically other than "special" people's birthday, nothing is bigger than Valentine's Day ... =...= Oh Well, i prefer Single Empowerment Day ?' Hmm ... Rewind back how i passed my last Valentine's Day ! Hmm ... I remember there is college on Valentine's Day and there is a/some booth selling roses and stuffs for you to get to your girls or someone you like and honestly i'm actually waiting someone to turned out with roses or maybe not the dramatic roses but maybe just a bar of chocolate ?' But fuck it !!! Forget about it ! What passed is just a pass LOL !!! So i was thinking to go down to the street and get a guy to be my boyf so that i won't be alone in this coming Valentine's Day but =...= How this is gonna happen ?' You see handsome or maybe your type but you don't know whether he is attached or not so it is not gonna work ! So friends is the second option but the terms and conditions of it is your friends have to be single also =...=! 

" We got robbed and they only took the toilet's door ... " 
LOL !!! It is an lovely love movie which i idiot forgot to took down the title >...< It showed on TV yesterday night - 03/02/2013 on 10 p.m. something, TV2, anyone can tell me ?' I can't find the entertainment's newspaper already ! The lessons i learned from it is fighting is a new way of communicating so i think we have to fight more ... =...= KIDDING !!! 

While blogging, i saw the charity event's news ... 
Do email me for the invitation of charity/vegan events, i would love to take part ... :)

So basically it is an bullshit post ... LOL
I'm not really inspired to blog but hand very itchy for blogging so yeap ... 
Here is the bullshit !!! HaHaHaHa 

Have a nice day ...  ❤

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Mr Lonely said...

lol, thanks ya, i am blog whore lai de~ >.<~ well, you sure can get a guy one loh during Valentine day~ =D