Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prostitution ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Sorry for lack updating ...
I'm not so inspired to blog lately even though there is topics i wanna blog about but just don't know how to start or how to carry the topic on ... >...< Office life make me stupid, DAMN IT !!!

So decided to start with my Saturday as i went 天后宫 "bai bai", my main purpose is for 月下老人 HahHAhahHAh !!! I afraid to be forever alone so *shrug* ... As my real life attitude is really bad as i'm thinking everyone is bad so basically don't know how to be friendly or approachable and made my social life really ... =...= *I'm trying hard to be friendly*

I'm not wearing the strings on my hand anymore as it is not designed to be wearing it on wrist because the knot will eventually loosen itself ... =...= 


Actually today i'm gonna talk about prostitution ...
Let me share a conversation i have with a stranger in WeChat ...
Name : 开心就好-Happy
Happy : 可以聊性吗?/ Can we talk about sex ?'
Happy : 看看你身材可以吗?/ Can i have a look on your figure ?'
Me : Go to my blog ... / 去我的部落格
Happy : 我要看性感的 / I wanna see your sexy pictures 
Me : Let me see your face ?' / 让我看看你的脸
Happy : 下面要吗?/ Wanna see my dick ?'
Me : No. Face please ... / 不要!要看脸
Happy : 想给你看下面,硬了/ Wanna let you have a look on my horny dick 
Me : Face / 脸
Happy : 我要!你给我 / I wanna have sex with you ...
Me : Want what ?' / 要什么?
Happy : 身材 你的 我想弄出来现在 帮我 / I wanna your body i'm horny let me cum 
Me : Money / 钱 
Happy : 多少?给我吊可以吗?/ How much you want ?' Can i fuck you then ?'
Me : How much are you paying ?' / 你给多少?
Happy : 你要多少?x3 你价钱 / How much you want ?' What is your price ?'
Me : 1000 / 一千令吉
Happy : 你是做什么的先?几岁?一千多少次?/ What are you first ?' How old are you ?' How many times for thousand ?'  
Me : 我是做鸡的,20,一次 / I'm a prostitute, 20 years old and thousand for once 
Happy : 怎么要一千 / Why so pricey ?' 
Me : 你说呢?你能给多少?/ What do you think ?' How much do you gonna offer ?
Happy : 什么地方?通常你的是多少?/ Where will be the venue ?' What is your usual 'transaction' price ?'
Me : 1000
Happy : 鸡那有这么贵?/ There is no way prostitute can be this expensive ...
Me : 有!我!/ There is ! Me !
Happy : 不可能!什么地方?看看你身材!什么都有个价钱吧?对吗?怎样?/ No way ! Where will be the venue ?' Let me have a look on your body figure ?' There is a value on everything, right ?' How ?' 
Me : HaHa ... How much you gonna pay ?' Tell me first ?' 
Happy : 200 ! 看了你身材怎样?/ Will be paying 200 according to your body figure *=...=*
Me : HaHa ... Thanks 

Okay ... 
That's all ! Don't you dare to laugh on the value i got with my body figure, badass !!! LOL It's fine, i don't care !!! So i'm gonna talk about prostitution here very quickly but try to make it as fun and interesting as possible ... 

I know there is girls out there trying hard to earn some money to afford luxury stuffs or maybe just a living and yeap i got you nowadays part timers got no stable salary as the wages come only after 2 months or maybe 3 or even longer, full timer is bored, have to wake early, low-income so why not try to lay on bed and let someone fuck and if you have a good body figure maybe you can get 1000 once or maybe even more right ?' LOL then good luck and all the best to you, slut !!!Okay ... Why i'm never into them ?'

1.  I DON'T WANT MY FAMILY TO BE SHAME ON ME, i want my family to be PROUD with me and my relatives kiss my ass because i earn good with my own ability ... You know all the aunties when CNY gathering ?' They have really bad and stingy poo mouths ... *majority/minority* Even though my grannies passed away, we - relatives don't gather anymore but still rumors and shit still run around ! So if i met one of them during my 'business hours' then BOOP ... One of the relative know = Whole generation know ! If it really happened then i don't know where to put my face already =...= Commit suicide ?' 

2.  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FACE THIS WITH MY HUSBAND after he found out ... After marriage or before, it is really hard to deal with this ... Say something like "That time i haven't meet you and i need money ..." ?' or " You poor mah ! I need money for this and that ..." ?' LOL ... Up to you ! For me, if it really happened on me, i swear to Gawd no matter what he say i will suicide >...< *This is just my own opinion toward the situation*

3.  PROSTITUTION MADE MONEY FAST BUT NOT STABLE ... This customer satisfied with your vital statistics so he pay higher than the customer before which think your boobs or butt is not big enough ?' As some guys like fat ass some like tiny but toned ass ?' LOL don't know ! I know if you have a good 'business' which extracted bad 'business' day, you can earn like maybe 5000 more or less in a month which made enough for you to shop or what but try to think if you pregnant ?' Or maybe HIV carrier ?' Or the worse AIDS ?' Fuck !!! LOL But it doesn't mean if prostitute have a stable income like 5000 per months as long as you attended at 'business hours' like OL, i will commit into it ... The 1st and 2nd reasons over come this assumption :D Earn with your brain not vagina !

4.  MY VAGINA ... Lol, actually i meant the vagina will not be tight anymore as being fucked with different sizes of dick so your husband might probably go for a tighter one ! So for a happiness life after marriage, don't fuck hard and practice a constant partner, it also avoid AIDS ! 

5.  YAK ! ORAL SEX ! Once, i was waiting inside a car at bus stop and i saw a AH KUA with thick make up and sexy wear and amazingly he got boobs ... *Teach me how to push up ... LOL* I saw the way he attract customers and for sure he can't be attracting girls right ?' So he hold his hand up in front his mouth and follow with the masturbation gesture and his tongue 'poke' out at a side with his mouth closed ... =...= This meant the ah kua will give them blow job using mouth instead of having vagina for them to put in their dick ?' Actually i heard a news saying if you get caught while doing oral sex, you and your partner will be straight away send to sentences or jail as oral sex is illegal neh ... Is it true ?' I hope so because ... *I need to respect* I know it also happened in normal couple sexual intercourse but aww >...< 

6.  I DON'T WANNA LOSE MY CHOCOLATE MILK ! In case you don't know what or who is chocolate milk then he is my brother, my lovely and cute brother ... Once i ask him, if you found out one of your friend is some kind of prostitute, what will you do ?' His answer is "I will not talk to her and 'repel' her" and this answer i know what he gonna say if i change the subject to one of the family member ... Definitely "I will never talk to her and 'putus' relationship with her ..." So yeap !

So here is my prostitution post ...
I'm trying to present this kind of topic another way ; Instead of accusing who and who, i bring it out with my own opinion so that there is some kind of reason for you why you girls shouldn't be going for this, enjoy ... :) 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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Mr Lonely said...

lol, didn't know We Chat can chat with stranger! btw, prostitute do have their difficulties too~ at last, happy Chap Goh Meh to you~ =D