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Q&A about Dick(s) & Sex ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time to update ... 

Yesterday i went to hair saloon for hair treatment which is quite costly as it calculated with the hair volume and length which is the most 'chak lak' part for me >...< but i'm not gonna disclosed which hair salon it is as my hair sponsporship is still on hold so i hope i can get it soonest as possible so that you guys will know where to go for affordable hair treatment with the best result ... * But any hair sponsorship or free trial for a blog post is welcoming *

Okay ... 
If you follow me on Twitter or maybe in WeChat, you see i posted something like this ... 
I don't know how to do screen capture on my phone so i can only show you what i posted on Twitter ...

Why i posted something like this ... ?' 
I did tell that I AM AN OPEN-MINDED PERSON but that doesn't mean i'm fuking ok with sexual harassment !!! 
Someone messages me in WeChat and said he got something for me and wanna ask about my opinion so i am keen to help like my babe or friends always sent me photos and ask for opinion whether which one is the nicest one to post it to public so i will never say NO to those who need help especially just an opinion which i don't 'kedekut' with that ... Guess what !!! Guess what he sent to me !!! A fuking DICKHEAD !!! A REAL DICKHEAD !!! WTF !!! 
Okay ... I actually jotted the conversation(s) down in case i can't get em back whenever i need em for a lovely blog post ...

I know after this blog post is publishED i might get no admirer in real life but perverts as i'm not posting it as anonymous?' But i really get irritated answering and seeing those question(s) so for whatever the consequences, imma gonna do this ! 

Before i start answering any questions about their or your dick, let me tell what my opinion toward dick(s) and sex ... 
What my opinion for dick(s) ?' For me, it is totally just an ORGAN !!! It is like your hand, your heart, your stomach and etc. all of them are just ORGANS !!! I studied Biology so basically i can tell you the labelling if you would like to know them or i think you can just google them ... Of course for sure, they are 'available' in different sizes and shapes ?' LOL !!! They are all in 'batang' !!! For more information, if you kinda obsessed with thick and long then i think BLACK will be the one for you ... If you ... SOrry !!! I have no much information about the different races dick's size so good luck for you, ladies !!! 
Carry on ... So basically it is just an organ for you and me to have sexual intercourse and produces posterity !!! It is the main and basic function of it but nowadays because of lust and material benefits, it turns into some kind of business and transaction !!! Anyways, everything bad happening like rapes it is just because of LUST !!! I think GAWD, you have some amendments to do here, give only one ball to each man instead of two to reduce the LUST so that the world will be more peaceful !!! 

Okay ... That is basically my opinion !!!
Q&A sessions !!! 
Mervyn 27/01/2013
Mervyn : [Pic] sent 
             : Give me your opinion
Answer : As i say, it is just an organ so basically when i saw it is a dickhead picture, for sure i feel pissed a           
               little bit as it is kinda sexual harassment but i do managed to reply him and yea like i said i do feel
               sick about your dick, i'm sorry ... Hope you feel better now !!!
Mervyn : Would you personally like to suck or have it in your vagina ?" 
Answer : No thanks ! I hate Chinese's dick !!!  LOL 
Mervyn : Would you give it a blowjob ?' 
Answer : I think your dick need a job or else it will be too free and you will be full of LUST !!! 
Mervyn : You don't have any sexual needs ?'
Answer : Yes, i do as i'm a human ...
       Everyone have that 'need' just some are too conservative to say it out unlike shameless me, SOrry   
               there! I perfer open-minded, thanks ~
Mervyn : Would you let this dick in your pussy ?' 
Answer : As i said, i have hatred toward Chinese's dick !!!
Mervyn : I got another pic, you wanna see ?' 
Answer : No thanks, bro ... You should spend some time to polish it instead of keep selca your dickhead !!!

Hey, Mervyn there !!! 
I didn't managed to reply you at that moment but here is your answer, hope you enjoy em ... 
You are welcome !!! 

Dxxxx 28/01/2013
Dxxxx : You are so sexy, what about me ?' 
Answer : Sorry, i don't really think guys can be sexy at least you have a great toned body and yea still 
               depends even you have a great toned body !!!
Dxxxx : Come on, make me happy 
Answer : Soriiiii ... I didn't born to entertain everyone !!! So please yourself maybe fuck yourself ?' Thanks !

You are welcome !!!

Laughing GOR 28/01/2013
Laughing GOR : Can you send me sexy pictures of you ?' 
Answer : You want sexiiiiii pictures of me arr ?' I got compliments that in my blog, pictures of mine is quite 
               sexy so take a look on it but please no semen on my face, thanks !!! 

You are welcome too !!!

Jayzai 28/01/2013
Jayzai : Do you love having sex ?'
Answer : Love arr ?' Hmm ... Maybe it have to depend on bf's skill ?' 
Jayzai : What is your ideal type ?' 
Answer : Good in sex ?' I know this is what you guys expecting but hell no !!! I can't have sex with old man 
               even though he has so much skills !!! So my ideal type is ... 

Free 29/01/2013
Free : What do you know about dick ?'
Answer : IT IS AN ORGAN !
Free : What is the function of the organ ?' 
Answer : Fucking ?' LOL Sexual intercourse to produces lots or tons of posterity !!! 

KS 29/01/2013
K.S. : Are you open minded ?'
Answer : Hmm ... Guess so ?'
K.S. : Do you ever have sex relationship with guy not your bf ?' 
Answer : NO 
K.S. : Any special experience that unforgetable ?'
Answer : No as i know !!! 
K.S. : Having sex with different guy on the same day ?'
Answer : NO 
K.S. : Any partner recently ?' 
Answer : NOOOOOOO as i don't have bf !!!

You are welcome threeeeee !!!!

Assholes Jim@VW from WeChat 30/01/2013
Jim : You an open minded person ?' 
Answer : Hmm ... Guess so ?'
Jim : Can you accept fling as physically engaged, kiss hug or even sex ?'
Answer : Hmm ... It really depends ! If Lee Hom is looking for one then i am definitely going for it ... LOL 
Jim : You can accept outdoor sex ?' 
Answer : NO !!! That is awful !!! It is like you don't even have a house/room but you want sex ?' 

You are welcome fooouurrrrrr !!!

Share with you guys the conversation i have made with Jason Yip from Wechat ...
Jason Yip : Do you wanna have sex with me ?' * In Mandarin *
Jason Yip : We can have sex here 
Me : Let's try !
Jason Yip : Okay ... Start now 
Jason Yip : Now i will bring you to the room first 
Me : And ?' 
Jason Yip : Then i will kiss you first ...
                : [Lip] [Lip] [Lip]
                : [Kissing] [Kissing]
Me : ... 
Jason Yip : Now i will keep kissing you and my hand will undress you 
                : Wow your boobs are so big ...
                : I can't stand. I will sucks your boobs 
                : arr...arr...arr...
Me : Go on 
Jason Yip : arr... arr... arr... 
                : Now i will undress your skirt 
Me : OK
Jason Yip : I will lick your hole 
                : [;P] [;P] [;P]
Me : ... 
Jason Yip : Licking ...
                : Keep licking ...
                : Now i gonna to fuck babe hardly 
                : fuck... fuck... fcuk...

LOL ... How is the conversation ?' I sure there is girls out there wanna reply to this kind of messages but don't dare to do so, so  here you go !!! Actually when this messages came to me, i was getting ready to be out so my reply is not too hmm ... Motivated ?' Whatever !!! It is not fun at all or even sexual ticklish so at the end i didn't reply him anymore because it will be nothing special  ... Maybe go down to the street and get a stranger will be better than this ! HaHa :D 

For all the name i used above ...
I actually thinking about attaching your profile's pictures with it but hmmm ... 
Is okay, it is just a normal thing for me to deal with so yeap, good luck and all the best !!! 

Now ... 
Let's talk about "pervert" !!!
For those who like to send pictures or maybe even show his dick out in the public except those having mental problem one are basically just low-educated ... If you are educated, *trust me, you don't have to be high-educated to know em* you will know that dick or even vagina are simply just an ORGAN(s) and you won't show or take pictures of your hand ?' Your legs ?' Or your heart which all of them are just ORGAN(s)?' Am i right?' So basically if you thinking to send a dick's pictures to harass someone, think about that, no one will interested on your ORGAN !!! Might even feel sick like you see a real heart ... They thought they having dick so they are special and they wanna show em out or even sexual harass girls ?' If you are one of them and you really think this way then try to think " How many men is there in the earth ?' ", " How many dick(s) is there except of yours ?' " If you think yours is the best then try to think " How many person around you handsome than you then you will know how many dick(s) are better than you ... " Don't misunderstood me, i didn't mean handsome will have a good dick for sure =.= ! For rapers, i really don't have much to tell ... Maybe they are 'mati pucuk' so they can't get girls so they rape girls or even boys after they have 'wei ge' pills ! 

So basically gonna end here ... 
If you have any kind of questions for me is always welcoming but for those question i already answered are not gonna be answer again ! Thanks for your cooperation ... :) 

The questions is still coming in so stay tuned for part II ... 

Have a nice day ...❤ 

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