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[Review] O'slee C-Shape Eye Mask & Rosehip Whitening Mask ... ❤

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Have you guys heard about O'slee ?' 

·Smart  ·Natural  ·Beauty
At , we believe "NATURE" is the principle behind every of our skincare product and so every woman can experience the natural skincare benefits. Applying the latest technology,  can further enhance the efficacy and stability of her skincare products. Combining with this concept of Advanced Technology and Nature is devoted to let every women manifest her smart, natural beauty.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner ... 
So girls, prepare the skin for a nice make up !!! 

ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask 
- Eyeseryl - Effectively in 14 days

Effectiveness : 
No comment 

Comment :
I can't tell whether it is effective or not just after one application because brightening is not something that can be done in just 15 mins of eyes mask so maybe the result will be shown after few days or maybe after few application ... I'm wondering about the "effectively in 14 days", whether after 14 application or as the instruction, applied 2-3 times a week and the result will be show in 2 weeks time ... 

Worth a try :
I guess yes as it is quite expensive, expensive things never go wrong ... LOL
It worth a try because of the C-shape of the eye mask for reducing the fine lines at the corner of the eyes, brighten up the eyes area, reduce dark circles and eyebags and the most important is the mask is thin and light unlike the cheap eye mask which is heavy and thick to show that it is full of "serum" !!! Everyone who been here know i have a really dark circles and eyebags right ?' Maybe i should ask for a 14-days challenge ... 

Worth the price :
To be honest, it is a little expensive but if it really work then i will definitely be spending on it ... 

Rosehip Whitening Mask
- Whitening 
- Lightening Pigmentation
- Long Lasting Hydration

Effectiveness : 
No comment

Comment : 
Same thing here ! Can't tell in one application and whitening is definitely depends on whether you applied your sunblock when you are exposed to the sunlight ... But of course mask is also a bonus for whitening !!! 

Worth a try : 
Yes as it is in affordable price range for the majority 

Worth the price : 

O'slee made in Hong Kong 

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Sorry that i don't really know how to review mask but i'm telling what i really think so if there is any mask(s) review, please do send me more than 2 so that i can really use them and review them nicely ... For sure, it will takes more than one week for the review to be up  ! Thanks !

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