Monday, March 18, 2013

BeautyLabo w/ French Chocolate hair colorant ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Long Time No See ... I did not quit blogging !!! Blogging is one of my favorite things to do when come to sparing time and why i didn't update my blog for quite a while ?' It is because my house 'suffer' major/minor burned and now i'm staying at somewhere got no WiFi, better get a portable WiFi instead of sitting in a WiFi cafe (e.g. Starbucks) to blog right ?' More safe and won't take forever to loaded the advertisement before able to continue the surfing =...= ! So any suggestion for portable WiFi ?'

So my birthday is on ... TOMORROW (19/03/2013)
Hmm... Maybe just as usual ; Work, Dismissal, Head Home, Sleep >...< *I DON"T WANT !!!!*
As my birthday is coming real soon so i decided to prettified myself like get rids of my black roots and get a darker tone hair instead of carrying a long and bright color hair which made me like a LALA mui ... >...< At my ages, if i still get dubbed with 'LALA mui' then i better die ... LOL


I know i just dyed my hair not long ago, but due to my abusing, my hair color fading fast for ever ... LOL Bright color made my hair looking so frizzy even after i combed my hair; Furthermore, the color is not even ... What a problematic hair but Thanks Gawd you look good on me ... HaHaHaHaHa 

So ... 
#BeautyLabo #FrenchChocolate

It actually not a 'peace' ... It is actually a REMINDER !!! It meant Tuesday and Tuesday is my Bday so get my present done !!! WaHaHaHaHa




I'm so in love with BeautyLabo now already ... ❤
My lower part hair is a little bit greyish/greenish and the upper part is literally chocolate seeing with bare eyes and not much different between them that also made me glad ... Now i no longer have a lots of tone on my hair :) Super love the color man !!! Made my hair look silky even without combing *but for sure i went for treatment* 

Sorry that i might not be able to update my blog as often as possible but i will never quit blogging 

Have a nice day ...  ❤

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Mr Lonely said...

lol~ why i see you seems to be keep dyeing hair de~ @.@~