Saturday, March 23, 2013

Commitments on a Relationship ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

I wanna blog about "Being in a RELATIONSHIP" today ...
For sure, i have 'ex' in my life ... And now, it is hard for me to tell whether i'm attached or single even for myself; you know ! It's complicated ! *Now i know why there is this option for your relationship's status on FB* 

Good Morning/Good Night's text !!! Some did this to her/his boyf/girlf and i have to admit that i'm jealous of you because i never get any even from my 'ex' so for sure i googled the picture above ... *my 'ex' calls instead of messaging LOL* But i don't really expect this kind of messages because i think it is COMPULSORY :DDDDDDDD In case you woke up with a stomachache, you can actually bring your phone along to the washroom and text ! Or after 'settled' your problem, you still can/have time to text ... Or you woke up in a hurry because you're late then text after you done everything or after reach your seat in the office ?' Or even after your meeting ?' Why is it so hard for someone out there to do so ?' 

Ok fine ... 
Maybe it is just so hard but at least some messages per day is not too over right ?' Am i ?' Asking how is my day ?' Anything bad happened ?' How is my family ?' How is my working today ?' You don't assumed girl you met to be 'SUPER WOMAN' even 'SUPER WOMAN' need someone cares about her tooooooooo ... Simple talking is needed for every couples even though not everyday but at least there is !!! Couples that are not staying together need more communication between them and for couples those are staying together need even more communication to stay out of break up !!! The point is COMMUNICATE !
I would choose someone who talk to me everyday and poor instead of those who give me a million to spend per month and not communicating one !!! 

FIGHTING is the new/best way to COMMUNICATE ! Fighting actually let each other know what is really on the other side's mind and within fighting he/she can speak out his/her mind loud so no side will be accumulating unhappiness with her/him-self and burst out after some periods of time and made the relationship totally break ! I know there is someone out there trying to avoid getting involved into fighting because they thought she mad then i keep silent and will text/call her on the next day and she should be calm already ! Tell you what ?' HELL NO ! We - GIRLS will only get more mad if you ignore our trying-to-get-things-done messages !!! Or like i said, accumulating and 'shoot' it all back to you in once ! Good communicating reduced fight(s) ! 

3.  TIME
SPENDING TIME TOGETHER IS THE BEST GIFT EVER !!! Time is the most significant things when come to couples and it is the LEAST EXPENSIVE thing that all of us can afford ... No matter how 'big' is your business, how busy you are; one must have meals and at least 2-3 times per day right ?' So what about drop by just having lunch/dinner together ?' Have a small and simple talk while dining ?' Or before started with paper works, call and ask "Have your lunch ?' ... Take care !" Or go for a walk in the park ?' Whatever it is but SEX IS NOT INCLUDED because if he only drop by and wanted to have sex instead of spending time to talk, walk and etc. then you are just the SEX TOY for him ! *This is what i think and i think almost 99.5% people in the world will agree my affirmation* 

Allocation of time ... All kind of status human being are qualified to be in relationship anytime even married but these are the disgracing one ! So there might be divorced with no children attached or even children attached; the problem is when you want to be in relationship, no girls will make you choose between your children or her because when she decided to be with you then she knew you have children attached with you and if you have time for your children then i think you must have time for your girlf/boyf as well ! If you didn't expect your girlf/boyf will need you to spend time with them after acknowledged that you are attached with children then you better go forever alone ... Between works and spending time also very important ! No one will need to work 24/7 everyday so if your excuse is "I'm so busy with works ..." then i think you are shitted ! 


Anyone can say "I Love You" anytime but majority didn't mean it ... Actually since i really know what "I Love You" meant, i take this 3 words very seriously and i will never trust someone who can tell it so easily ! Of course it will never changed til now ! But i'm glad i told my family ❤ because i really do ! *For sure i only told them once or twice lar not keep repeating* For couples who say them frequently and didn't mean it is like saying "I poo" ... How to prove ?' Taking good care of your girlf/boyf ... *Of course have to be both side* That is all ! 

That is all the simple commitments i can think of when you want your relationship worked well ... 
Tired already ! Thanks GOD tomorrow is Sunday so i can sleep like no tomorrow ... 
Good Night !

Have a nice day ... ❤

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