Sunday, March 31, 2013

Current Food Obsession vs. Food Review ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Let's do a food's post !!!

Let me share my current food's obsession ...
- Rice Cake from Sg. Wang 6th Floor (Korean Food)
- Minestrone Soup from Secret Recipe
- Gorgeous Chocolate from Krispy Kreme (Beverage)
- Veggie Lasagna from Secret Recipe *but seem like they stop selling already >...<*
- Mushroom Xiu Mai from Low Yat Veggie Restaurant *the lowest floor*
- Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe (Cake)

Low Yat's RedBox 
You know me as a vegan always scare the restaurant we dine in have no food for me ... Luckily there is one for me in RedBox and i think the other karaoke do have for vegan right ?' This one is actually lamb pork?' and mushroom ! I forgot to jotted down the name but there is only one vegan food on the list so yeap ... 

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Times Square's Korean Restaurant ( Opposite Cold Storage)
This is the one so-called 'Jak Jiang Mee' in the Korean movie but it is quite different from the movie one because from the movie the noodles actually looked like our maggi here but how come when i ordered from a Korean restaurant it become think noodles ?' Anyways, it doesn't taste good ...

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Rice Cake ... Don't mistaken it as my favorite one ! I love Sg. Wang 6th Floor one better ... *It is just my own opinion*

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I like this three small portion dishes the most ! The kimchi taste fresh, i like the middle with cabbage one and the last one is with cucumber and taste not bad too ... Don't be shy to refill ! :DDD

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Tim Tim Hong Kong Dessert House from Kepong Aeon Jusco
Due to sore throat, i can't have chilly desserts so showing what my sis ordered and they satisfied with it and ii would like to try the mango one >...<


Sweet Chat from Berjaya Times Square
#BakedVeggie is mine ... When it is served, i actually put my hand on the ship shape dish and 'poop' my hand burned >...< It should have stick a sticker 'CAUTION ! Extreme hot !' but it taste not bad and made me craving for Veggie Lasagna from Secret Recipe ! Btw, This Baked Veggie is made of cauliflower, carrots and broccoli as well as cheese !

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Due to sore throat i can't really have those favorite food and now i have 'a kua' voice but it is quite fun with this voice because i always wanted people especially girls to suspect me to be a pretty 'a kua' ... :DDDDD But still sad lar ! What also cannot eat ! 

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

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