Friday, March 22, 2013

KL Festival City Silver Cut w/ REDKEN ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Finally i got myself MiFi 20GB so i can blog whenever i like already but i'm wondering why it is so slow ... >...< 
So as for my Bday, i did myself a new hair color and of course except from new hair color, i also want a silky and smooth hair with me for my Bday ... So SILVER CUT offered me - Birthday Gal 50% off for CUT+TREATMENT+WASH so i went there again . Without discount, it is actually quite expensive =...= 


My LONG hair ... 
I insisted not to dubbed my hair 'SUPER LONG' ... Lazy to completely blow dry it and the picture above is the consequences of it ! HaHa LONG hair need a lots of commitments as well geh ! *Of course it is because i knew i will be hair salon the next day* But ho ... I realized nowadays almost 85% girls have SUPER LONG hair like til can cover butt one so mine is like only belly button level *small case* >...< Getting bored with the long hair, what should i do ?' Any hair salon wanna take challenges ?' LOL

I go back to REDKEN as i feel satisfied with the outcome of it after my first try so this is basically the second time i'm using REDKEN for hair salon's treatment ... 


When i was in secondary school, my hair level will never go over boobs' level because of my hand or brain itchiness ... Always feel like cutting and cutting so i once have a really boy cut hair >...< *WTF happened to me* And my eldest sis was having the perfect thick and long and furthermore smooth like ever hair of course because she went for hair salon's treatment continuously to maintain the healthiness of the hair and i once made accompany for her and her hair need more than one person to blow dry made her look like "Da Xiao Jie" that make me jealous and now ... SEEE !!! WaHaHaHaHaHa 

#SmoothLikeNoTomorrow LOL

So here is my experience with Silver Cut and REDKEN for my Bday ... :)
Hmm ... Something extra here to say !!! 
My first time went to Silver Cut was totally a bliss and my second time went there, it is not totally a bitch but almost getting there and i'm going to update my previous post "How to be a bad hair stylist" ... *Some name might appear but still depends on my mood on that moment !!! GOOD LUCK* 

Anyways, thanks SILVER CUT for offering Birthday Gals/Guys 50% off so that we will be 'richer' on the birthday month to pamper ourselves with something (luxury) else ... But i don't think there will be 3rd times going there because it quite un-affordable even though i so in love with the outcome of REDKEN >...< Or Dear Silver Cut, can you offer me 50% off for life time or anyone wanna sponsor the fee?' WaHaHaHaHa 

If you gonna there for haircuts or whatever service, look for the short hair girl instead of long hair one ... You know ! Long hair girls always a bit arrogant one compare with short hair girls HaHaHa 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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