Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Recommended] Skin Care Products for Moisturizing ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
It is me again ! I wanna try to update as much as possible so that after laziness attacked me at weekdays, you still have some post to go through when you come in >...< This post will be girly post ! Gonna talk about MOISTURIZING ... 

I born with a problematic skin and when i was in high school i went to beauty salon for facial(s) personally and my dad brought me to dermatologist and hmm ... Apparently they didn't work really well and as my ages going, the rate of pimples growing goes down because i'm not young anymore >...< The beautician actually ask me to accentuate moisturizing my face instead of using acne products which will make my skin dryer and dryer ... So i do accentuated moisturizing my face and of course as pimples grow, i would like to try any kind of products to calm the fast growing pimples but end up face looked like a 'dry taufu' ! 
I always believe that if i do the moisturizing work well then the pimples scar(s) will eventually recover and not to leave a hole on my face and also slow down the aging process ... 

So i'm here today to share some products which i SUPER DUPER RECOMMENDED to you if you want to moisture your face ... 

When come to moisturizing, i think everyone have a thought on HADA LABO for sure ... *the above picture is from google* I used this series while ago except the mask i didn't try it before and it really did the moisturizing well but the problem is it made my skin look oily or maybe it is just me or i just used the  wrong way when applying because it have it own way when come to apply HADA LABO products instead of dotting 5 dots on the face area and spreading ! But now i choose only the lotion to be my toner in moisturizing and combine with other products ... But it is still recommended especially for dry skin ! 

2. Moisturizer from CETAPHILL
I super recommend this moisturizer from CETAPHILL but i don't recommend the face cleanser because it doesn't do the cleansing job well due to the mildness and gentleness to the sensitive skin so basically it didn't clean your skin properly ! But the moisturizer is the best one i ever 'meet' ... Carry out this test with your current/trusted moisturizer ! Put on your MOISTURIZER and started putting on full base makeup like foundation, concealer, powder and highlighter and check after the day and see whether your skin become flaky or not; if yes then that mean your moisturizer is not long-lasting one and doesn't carry out moisturizing well enough ! I forgot what my previous moisturizer already and it made my skin goes flaky like shit right after i put my foundation on and with this CETAPHILL the base look smooth and not flaky at all after my day ... #RECOMMENDED 

3. Intensive Hydrating Serum from O'slee 
I got these samples when O'slee send me products to review and of course i used them and yup they worked and smell good too ! So this is one of the serum you can try on :)

4. Moisturizing Mask from My Beauty Dairy 
Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask from My Beauty Dairy ... When My Beauty Dairy masks first launching into the market, i not dare to use it because i heard so many bad rumors like getting the fake one or it worsen the skin and blah blah blah so i got mine from Watson after some times ! Of course i bought a box of it and that's how i know it really worked after some times ... And it is the last one with me *the above picture LOL* and i got other 'function(s)' one and they both worked really well and i'm so in love with 'My Beauty Dairy' now !!! *Will disclosed it soon* 

Okay ... 
Above is the products i recommended when come to moisturizing ! 
Can i share some of my narcissistic's photos of mine ?' Hope you don't mind LOL

Have a nice day ... ❤

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lol~ most of the product come from Japan, i guess Japan have a good technology bah~