Saturday, March 30, 2013

Robber vs. Pervert ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Wanna share a tiny bits before i started with my topic today ... 
Yesterday i went Times Square and i was shocked like shit while en route from Sg. Wang to Times Square ! Malay's 'sea' !!! WTF ... I'm wondering where do these Malay(SSSSS) came from ! Standing/Sitting beside the road and 'talking' to girls who passed by like 'Moi, pergi mana arr ~' Fuck shit ! OMG ~ I swear to God they gonna be at the same level with foreign worker(s) soon even though they are 'bumiputera' *not sure whether the Malay word is correct though but i don't care* They using the status of them to actually acting like an assholes !!! Yea ... I'm racist like always ! *People do thing for at least one reason* 

I woke up this morning and checked my FaceBook and saw one of my high-school schoolmates got robbed by 3 Malay(s) and hit him til his skull burst ! Luckily he is admitted now hope he will get well soon ! I got robbed once *just informing you if you are new here or you just simply miss the post*, so i fucking sensitive about this kind of shit ! I'm always wondering why peoples out there work so hard to do a living and you - robber 'work hard' as well to take away people's hard work ! If i managed to get a job then i think no one will get no job ! They just too lazy to even go for mall or office ?' *NO ! Malay don't do office* to look for it , am i right ?' Or another reason is they don't want to actually work ! Robbery is the fastest way to get money, i knew that ! I know Malay's government distribute money for Malay(s) like every months or what but i sure the amount is enough to afford each of your children an iPhone or Samsung so don't you think they not supposed to be in the earth if they are not working their ass out for some money except from robbery ! Don't know when will be the demonstration to get rids of those useless Malay(s) ! But i swear to God if you are not trained then good luck for your ass, i'm freaking sure one day your ass will hurt so badly !!! What you do will eventually come back to you, maybe born a baby with no ass and get suffocated with full of shit(s) ! 
*for sure all this cursing and shit are addressing to useless Malay guys/robbers, of course there is still Malay's professional out there* 

Okay ... 
It is an unhappy opening but hell yea shit(s) always happened and you can either speak it out loud like Mr. President or just shut up and carry on life ! Hmm ... Actually want to do a merry topic but due to Malay's shit above then let me carry on the post with a not-so-merry topic ! And it is about ... PERVERT(s) or VOYEUR(s) ! 
Due to someone who brainless enough to let foreign worker(s) came into Malaysia to be legal and now Malaysia is basically full of foreign worker(s) and some of them robbed and even raped too ! I think the other day, i was on my way to office in monorail and i actually stand beside the door and in front of the big 'window' ... A foreign worker sit on the seat in front of me and fucking keep staring at my legs and i swear he started imagine !!! And i noticed that and went mad and actually showing middle finger to him *Not obvious enough to let everyone know i'm showing my middle finger but it is obvious for him to see* but guess what ! He still keep imagining ! WTF and i went to the other side and same bullshit happened, another foreign worker sat down and started staring ! FML 
Malaysia is a 'tropical' country even though it is an Islamic country so wearing shorts is actually necessary ! Because no one want to reach their destination with full sweating body and stinky as well ! There is a few issues girls met when wearing short *including skirts or dresses* ! 


I, myself usually will be wearing shorts instead long pants or jeans because my thigh is so fat that the shape doesn't look good so i just go for shorts ! There is stairs while i'm getting to office's elevator or even my office and also while getting to the monorail ... My thought actually goes like this ! Girls in the world is smart enough so if we decided to wear shorts then we put on 'safety pants' ! Ok ... Maybe 'safety pants' all still in laundry then is okay we still wearing colorful panties ! Or maybe some sluts out there forgot their panties ! But the point is even though you see a vagina, what can you do perv ?' I asked sister(s) about this question and their answer is "Start imagine lar ... " but i didn't ask boys about this so don't know the opinion from boys ! Maybe leave your comment ?' I get really annoyed when i'm walking up stairs, i'm a girl so i'm trying to walk up the stairs without exposing the inner so i actually need to push my abdomen part out like a pregnant woman and after all the way my abdomen and thigh part actually hurt like just finish an intense workout ! So what i wanna do so badly in my mind ?' Is ... PULL UP MY SKIRT, showing my 'safety pants' and walk up the stairs without any concern and then let down my skirt after walk up and show a victory gesture *peace* ! LOL So perv what are you looking for actually ?' A vagina to fuck ?' Then pay and get a prostitute ! 

Hmm ... I don't really know the celebrity in the photo but what i'm trying to show is the skirt after sitting down ! The skirt usually will go up and with short we - girls have to cross our legs like hers and this is when most of the thigh showing and people(s) beside will be checking it out ... My chocolate milk noticed and will actually scold me instead of go in front the person and use a fork to poke the guy's eyes out ! WHY ?' LOL *Yea ... I'm cruel but this is the thing i will do when i go insane* Perv looking for colorful or laces panties right ?' =...= 


Have a nice day ... ❤

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