Saturday, April 20, 2013

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Blueberry Honey Sleeping Mask ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Girls, do you put on sleeping mask before bed ?'
*Ai Yo ... So hard to think when chocolate milk is beside and nagging me! LOL*
The first time when i wanted to get myself a sleeping mask, i did some research; and the sleeping mask is not that you can directly put it on after the cleanser ... You still have to put on the toner and blah blah blah and until the last step then only the sleeping mask if i not mistaken ! So i was too lazy to add another step on my night skincare regime because i'm lazy ?' HaHaHaHa !

But now i straight away put on moisturizer without toner as the freshner from Wonder Pore is not suitable for me so now i can straight away put on the sleeping mask after cleanser and i discovered some 'magic' from the one i'm using now ! It really effective and give me radiant skin everyday even though i didn't sleep well or burn midnight oil ... Do you realize ?' Let me get a before picture ! 

This picture is taken a month ago and i wasn't started using any sleeping mask ... 
The first picture i posted is taken yesterday and maybe there is not much difference for you because i picked the best one to post but i do feel the difference as i am the one who selca all the time and picking the pictures ! I have a hard time picking the best picture to post when i have a really bad skin like before mensus or after burning midnight oil ! But now i can almost have 50% of the pictures i took to post just the matter whether i have my eyes open widely and nicely or do i exposed something bad or nasty ... HAHAHAHA

So let me introduce you what is the 'magic' i have been using this month ... 
*Drum roll*

Ta Da ~~~~
It is from Holika Holika ... I knew Holika from YouTube video that reviewing something like Jelly Aqua BB Cream ! And you can find Holika Holika outlet at Berjaya Times Square 1st Floor just few shop lot away from the Cinema Ticket counter ... And this sleeping mask is my very first item from Holika Holika and i already in love with them !!! 

Now i use it as my daily night skincare regime after cleanser ... 
I know many concern like putting on sleeping mask will actually dirty-fying your pillow case right ?' But i think worth it lar ... You either change everyday or change frequently lar for a more radiant and brighter skin ! But i don't really have such a problem because i never put my cheek on pillow because i don't wash my hair often and i don't change pillow case that often so try to imagine 'hair kutu' is there everywhere and if i put my cheek on it , what will my cheek be ?' Probably growing insect, YAK ! 

For those who have blemish or acne skin, do not put your cheek on your pillow even though you do change your pillow daily because putting your cheek on the pillow will only make them un-breath and make them worse ! Change pillow case frequently / as much as possible like daily ... 

With Holika Holika Blueberry Honey Sleeping Mask on ... 
*I'm not sweating or having oily skin*
The picture with mint green singlet one is taken when i just started to used the sleeping mask a few day after and the one with white T-shirt one is recently which almost weeks been using it and see ... Even the pimple(s) scars getting lesser and lesser and less obvious ! YiPee ... *peace* "MAGIC" *peace*

Applying a thin and even layer is enough ... 
When i first started to use em, i actually scoop a lot and put on thick layer, i thought i will more efficiency but LOL that's just a waste of money lar ! Now mine one almost finish and needa to spend RM50 on another ... >...< 

See ~~~
My face did improved right ?' But of course the angle and the lighting also important lar ! Angle and lighting can make a 'pig' turn into a hotties man ~! WaHaHaHa !!! Naked face without any filter, i swear ~ LOL And yeap ~~~ I'm working hard with my picture background and if the pink bra bothered you then i'm sorry ! >...< 

I'm not so sure with the function they featuring but i see my skin improved ! So it doesn't really matter what is the function(s) they featuring lar ... LOL *Let me check* Sorry, no result neh ~~~

It smell 'berry' and i think it help for slumber ... LOL




NO on my (acne) skin


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Anonymous said...

It was good to see the sleeping mask actually works. Hehe
I also bought this product last three weeks because holika holika having this crazy sale up to 60 percent and I bought it for rm18.
But, i forgot this thing is for what and since it's write in Korean, I wasnt sure how effective is this thing.
But your skin looking good, I think it's worth of trying