Saturday, May 18, 2013

io樂團-向左向右 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
My condition right now is exactly like the photo above ~ SLEEPPPYYYY 
But still wanna blog a little before i hit the bed as i afraid i will be too lazy to blog tomorrow, LOL ~ 

It is weekend and for socialize person will be having so much fun by weekend but i'm not that kind so hanging out with sisters is the BEST ever choice ... No AWKWARD MOMENT ! SO MUCH LAUGHTER ! 

The best thing hanging out with sisters is that you can ask them to take photo of yourself no matter where you are without being rejected ... LOL ~ 

I am so handsome today because of the cap ... 
Why i even bothered to put on a cap indoor ?' Because the cap so cute lur ... LOL ~ Because i haven't wash my hair for xx days so i need cap to cover it >....< 

Worst shot of the day :-
Best shot of the day :-
*Maybe it is not that best for you but i like it and they are not expert also* 

*I asked sis to take picture of me and i actually finish posing already but suddenly she turn the camera to the passer by and i burst out laugh ... HAHAHAHAH ~*

Okay ... 
Gonna share a song that i get to know them after karaoke-ed with my sis ! 


Good Night ~

Have a nice weekend ... ❤ 

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