Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station's Launching Event ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Like usual, always start the post with my own selca ... Blek :P

You guys heard about Kiss Me brand right ?' They are launching Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station at Sungai Wang which located just right in front Old Town and i'm so glad i managed to fit myself into the one of the 30 blogger slots and yeap ... Lots of handsome(s) is there ~ LOL ! 

Basically it is a truck which will travel with full of Kiss Me cosmetic products which you can get them or even try them out in the truck ! Check out Kiss Me's FaceBook page for more details about their schedule ~ They will be in Penang and Ipoh soon ~ Collaborated with Watson

This time i decided to put on more effort in make up so that i can have more and more picture to share ~ I even go and bought myself contact lens ~ I didn't check the diameter when i picked it up and when i wanna put it on i saw "16.5mm" =...= Damn huge and quite fake if you staring at me and want a 'shen qing dui wang' Hahahahaah.... But it look good on pictures though ! 

Launching Event started at 11 am if i didn't mistaken ... 
Open Ceremony ~

I'm really sorry that i can't remember their name and what are they *I meant director or president not human or vampire* Anyway, let's carry on ... They have dancing performance and i'm not really sure whether they categorized in sexy or what ~ Anyway, they are quite seductive ! 

Makeup Demonstration by Makeup Artist from Japan ... *SORRY*
Of course all the cosmetic thingy from foundation to lipstick are from Kiss Me and what she demonstrate is a natural looking/nude looking makeup

After demonstration is photo session ... 

*facepalm* I look damn ugly here but three of them look very good so i decided to 'betray' myself lar ... >...< See ! They are handsome right ?' The Kiss Me Princess is very pretty also ~ Actually when i stand in front of them, i kinda have shivering cheek and i think the 'photographer' realized already *SHAME* I always jealous those who can smile widely/naturally in front of the camera ... >...<

Thanks Kiss Me for giving us - bloggers two lovely brown mascara ... 
Now i don't have to spend on another one already because i really dislike my current one because they always give me the 'cockroach's legs' - clumps ! And now Kiss Me said Long/Volume & Curls with NO CLUMPS ~ Stay tuned ! Will do a review for sure ... ❤

Dress Code of the event :-
Quite hard lar ... Have to look smart but casual or have to be casual but look smart, damn ! *LOL* I actually do a shopping on it and i get back two set but decided to go with the one-piece dress ! Safer mah ~  

Okay ... 
That's all for this post ... :) 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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