Sunday, May 26, 2013

[REVIEW] Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curls Mascara S - Lovely Brown 02 ... ❤

 Howdy guys ... :)

Here is another Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara S - Lovely Brown 02 post ...
So like the previous Kiss Me Mascara S's post, this time i'm wearing it to attend YADAH's birthday bash and i'm using the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curls Mascara S - Lovely Brown 02 ~
Let's see what is the this LONG & CURLS Mascara S featuring :-
 Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curls Mascara S - Lovely Brown 02
1.  A dramatically gorgeous lengthening effect 
Offering 1.5 times more lengthening, the new Lengthening Fiber formula adheres to the end of each eyelash, adding length with every coat.
2.  For glossy lashes, free from any clumps
This mascara creates beautifully separated lashes that look glossy and are free from any clumps
3.  Stay curled upward
Curl-maintaining polymer helps your lashes stay curled upward for many hours!
4.  Water-proof 
A long-lasting and water-proof mascara, that is resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum.
In the previous post i didn't attached any BEFORE-AND-AFTER photo right ?' I'm really sorry about that ~ Here you go ! The one (photo) with white shirt one is totally naked lashes/natural without applying curler and anything ... The a-pair-of-eyes photo, one side is before and the other side is after ~ I think you guys can recognize which side right ?' >...< 
Okay ... 
Now photos time ... LOL ~ Showing you how dramatic and beautiful the lashes can be !
Rating time :-
Volumize : ★★
Lengthen : ★★
Cockroaches legs/Clumps : 
Price : RM 49-90 
Easy to remove :  Hard 
Opinion : I'm so so so in love with Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume/Long & Curls Mascara S - Lovely Brown 02 !!! Really thanks for Kiss Me giving us - blogger as the goodies so that i have a chance to try out this awesome thingy and making a review(s) of it ! If you want your look to be gorgeous and more likely natural then go for the Volume & Curls Mascara S will do the look ~ If you looking for dramatic then go for Long & Curl but still won't made your look looked fake like wearing a pair of falsie ! It is like you have natural long lashes and you just applied a coat of mascara of it ! xoxoxo
I think every girls have to get one especially with brown because BROWN is the trend ! LOL ~
No lar ~ Because brown made your look more natural and it match with pink and even pastel eye shadows ! And it won't smudge even though you wearing it the whole day! I swear, because i did it for my one-day-trip to Malacca which mean i'm wearing it more than 12 hours ! Furthermore, it is waterproof ... *I haven't wearing it to a swimming session so i can't swear LOL* It is available at WATSON and SASA at RM49.90 ... :) 

Have A Nice Day ... 

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