Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Samsung Note II vs Apple iPhone 5 with DiGi ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

I just got myself white color Samsung Note II this morning from DiGi and really thank you DiGi for having the advance payment waiver promo ! When Maxis came out with this advance payment waiver, i was like "DAMN, I SHOULD HAVE HAVING PHONE CONTRACT WITH MAXIS IN THE FIRST PLACE  INSTEAD OF DiGi ~" But luckily, now DiGi having it also and for sure terms and conditions applied ! It is that you need to be DiGi POSTPAID user for 1 year or more than 1 year and i just have expired my 24-months contract lately and YEAH ~~~~ ROCK !!! It is like my commitment finally paid off and i think it beneficial for every DiGi users right ?' :) 

The terms and conditions of this advance payment waiver is not strict like Maxis ! For Maxis, if your line being suspended/barred within one year ago, then you are not qualified for the advance payment waiver already ~ DiGi doesn't send me paper bills so i'm just too lazy to check online so i will usually wait until it warn me that my line will be suspended/barred after 2 days or 24 hours or even get barred then only i will pay the bill ~ HaHa ! But the thing is i'm still qualified ~~~ YAYYAYA 

I guess I will be one of the DiGi's loyal fans soon or maybe i'm already one of them !!! 

BUT, i really damn hope that this phone won't be disappear from me like the iPhone 4 ~ 
*Pray hard for me*

I'm actually been dilemma in between Samsung Note II and iPhone 5 ... 
And so i viewed through all those review/vs between them in YouTube but i still can't make up my mind so i decided to make my mind only when i'm confronting the customer service guy and in my mind i said " I will only go for white color ~ If Note II got no white then i will go for iPhone5 !" And unfortunately Samsung Note II got white so i said to the guy "Then give me Note II white color lar ~" even though i regretted the second after ... LOL ~ But i'm still happy with it !

Sorry guys, i have no answer for the question of "Which one is better ?" ... 
It really depend on what kind of phone you want ! Bigger screen or one-hand operation phone ~ Before Note II, i'm actually using Alcatel One Touch and the size is like S3 so when i force myself to make a decision and at that moment, i wanna get iPhone 5 but then the size really bothering me ... I keep convince myself that iPhone5 is a much better phone and it really doesn't matter with the smaller size lar ... But every time i decided with i5, this question haunt me !!! But with bigger phone, you have to bear the consequences of it is not one-hand operation phone and with the cover the phone seems like even larger; LOL ~~~ 

But i think Note II is a bit too much also because a normal people wouldn't having so much notes to jot down and so much drawings or sketching to do right ?' As a student i still prefer pen and paper rather than sliding on my phone for jotting down notes ! When it first came out, my cousin actually bought it and she is not a socialize person and not even active in social networking(S) so i was like "Why are you wasting those RM2000++ to get a phone that you will never have any chance to actually carry out it's main features ?' " Guess what ~ I get a chance to actually 'observe' what is the 'function' of her Note II ! CANDY CRUSH ~ PHONE CALLS ~ MESSAGES ~ That's all ! Maybe movie lar ~ But there is laptop =...= So you think maybe she likes big screen mah ! or maybe she just simply rich mah ~ HaHa ... I don't have the answer ! 

So when comes to which one to go for ... 
Think about what is your phone to you ! Actually i'm also the 'extra' person i mentioned above paragraph ... >...< Maybe iPhone will be better for us - normal people even though you are very social networking(s)-active-person ! Aww >...< I should have wrote this before i actually have my foot in to the DiGi centre, DAMN ~ LOL ! Anything will do lar ~ 

I'm not taking either Samsung or Apple side ... 
I'm taking we-human being side ~ So do check DiGi website out for more advance payment waiver info ! And DiGi's postpaid user now you can get latest phone with cheeaaapppperrrrr price !!!! 

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

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