Saturday, May 11, 2013


Howdy guys ... :) 

This morning i went to Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station's launch and it was awesome though but like always i hope there is a 'personal photographer' with me so that i can have more beautiful pictures to share ... LOL ~

By the way, I'm not gonna blog about the launching event first ... 
I'm gonna blog about LENG ZAI - HANDSOME first ! You know why ?' I don't know why but i swear to Gawd today is the day i met lots of HANDSOME(s) ... Maybe i put effort on my makeup ?' LOL ~ *Maybe ! But it quite fake with the huge mm lens* 

First, i met HANDSOME(s) at  Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station's launching event ! The host, the crew and also the model/ambassador ... *I hope i can show you all the photos but i don't sneak-capture HAHAHAH* And then when having dinner, groups of HANDSOME(s) was sitting next to us at OLDTOWN there but why they didn't wait me finish my dinner first before they left ?' LOL ~

Who is handsome or how many handsome i met is not the point ...
My point is WHY MEN 'ALLOWED' TO 'SEE' PRETTIES/HOTTIES but WOMEN NOT 'ALLOWED' TO 'SEE' HANDSOME/HOTTIES ?' Okay ... Why i put 'ALLOWED' instead of ALLOWED ?' Because no one actually gave men permission to check girls out or even staring at them ! Not parents ! For sure, NOT GIRLF ! Of course no one actually banned girls from 'watching' handsome but ...
Here is the difference ... When men get caught by their girlf for 'watching' pretties/hotties, men always reply with these kind of answer ... "That's normal lar ... If i don't 'see' then i must be a gay !" or "I 'see' only, i don't do anything with them what !" When girls get caught for 'watching' handsome(s) ... "Damn lar you ~ You hurt me ..." or "You like him arr ?' Ok ... Bye ~" =...= AM I RIGHT ?'

'WATCHING' HANDSOME(S) IS ONE OF MY HABIT !!! LOL ~ It's truth ! Eyeing with handsome even though we didn't speak to each other at all will kinda make my day already ... *hahahahahah* Making 'watching' handsome as my habit is quite flirty ?' But i swear to Gawd i will never cheat on my 'boyF' *if there is any* just for a handsome guy =...= !!! Like 'watching' handsome also can so in love with the 'boyF' one, ok ?' *EXAMPLE* Tell you guys something lar ... In my previous college, there is a junior who is quite tall and when he smile, he look very good so i kinda tweet something like this "He is so handsome, i wanna make friend with him ... " And after not-so-long, i stalked 'someone's tweet and i saw something like this "I think she fall in love with another guy already ~" You might think the 'she' are not addressing to me but trust me, i know it is for me ... Never mind, let it go ~ *even though i wanna explain myself so badly* 

Another story to share ...
Not long ago, *if you follow my twitter or other social networks* you will have read the status about  me met a handsome foreigner in the bus and like swearing if i ever meet him the 3rd times, i will definitely go to talk to him but HaHa i did not bump into him anymore ... When i talked about it with someone and for the 1st and 2nd times, he pretend he is blind and ignore my messages but when i mentioned it on the call ... He actually shoot me back, saying "Why you tell me this ?' Is that mean i also need to bring up some girls to insult you ?'" with a stern voice so i was like =...= ! I DON'T GET IT ~ WHY ???!!! We girls always loyal than men ... Like what men will answer "See only mah ... I didn't do anything with them what ~" What i wanna say is "SAME HERE ~ HANDSOME is not equal to I-WANNA-HAVE-SEX-WITH-YOU ... Get it ?' "

All girl like handsome and wish their boyF can be handsome like Wu Zun or Hero or maybe Super Junior's Shi Yuan but LOL ~ There is a huge different between what you wish and what comes to you like falling in love ... When i was a teenager, i tell myself to only marry with white/caucasian/blond  and not chinese but i never had a relationship with them til now and i also realized they don't find me attractive but who cares i still find them attractive what ~ LOL ! And tell you what, i fell in love with Chinese ... In general, he isn't that handsome but for me yes, he is ... >...<

And i'm actually okay that my 'boyF' checking girls out and the best is sharing his opinion with me lar ... Of  course i'm also quite generous to share mine ! LOL ~

Guys, be open minded !!!
Like to check guys out doesn't mean we are flirty or not into you ...

Have a nice day ... ❤

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