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YADAH Birthday Bash at Cheras Leisure Mall ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Monday Blue huh ?' How was your weekend ?' Have lots of fun ?' Mine is quite hectic though ... 

Have you guys heard about YADAH ?' One of the SASA brand ~ 
On Saturday, 25th of May is YADAH's forever 16 birthday so they having a birthday bash at Cheras Leisure Mall in front of the SASA ! Which took me more than 2 hours to be there ... >...< Keep switching bus then butt on the bus for quite a long time >...< Anyway, i still managed to get there ! SaiLei bou ?' LOL ~ 

If you haven't acknowledged about this YADAH brand before then here you go ... 
YADAH is a specially formulated skincare designed for teenagers and young adults as this particular age range have younger and more tender skin which makes them more vulnerable to the harsh chemical found in many other brands.  As YADAH products are very gentle, they are suitable for all ages and all skin types.
YADAH products are 100% free from Artificial colouring, Mineral oil, Sulphate and Animal materials. 
YADAH products are based on natural plant extracts like essential oils and formulated to be hypoallergenic, non-comodogenic & natural ingredients with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.   Ingredients used are plant extracts - a mixture of natural, organic & some with ECOCERT authentication.
  • Gentle yet effective and are suitable for all skin types.  
  • Certified by Korea Food and Drug Administrations.
  • Natural, Organic & some ECOCERT authenticated ingredients are used
  • Good quality, unique design and best priced. 

Basically YADAH is all about skincare ... 

Let's have a look on the birthday bash and who is the collaborator ... 
Booths :-
YADAH booth created to let us - blogger and who joined the birthday bash to try out all the YADAH's products and also get to know YADAH ... 
Birthday Cake's Booth ...  
Hanbok fitting's booth from Monohue Studio :-
 Manicure booth from Snips :-
RM5 ?' So damn cheap right ?' But getting crowded and crowded at the booth so don't feel like waiting , LOL ~ 
YADAH collaborated with ADDOL magazine *if i didn't mistaken the name* to bring out performances for audiences like they-so-called cat-walk with the YADAH's products and collaborator's products as well as singing and dancing performances by addols ~ 
Addols are withdrawing the lucky numbers from the bags and those with yellow boxes are the lucky winners ! As usual i won't be so lucky one so i don't even bothered to check my number ... LOL ~ 
Shine like a Diamond in the sky ~~
Ice Cream ~ Ice Cream ~ 
PGM's booth :- 
After cutting the birthday cake, the MC/host actually go around and ask for wishes for YADAH and she actually came to me =...= Luckily i can managed to pronounce "Happy Birthday" ! And she asked me about what is my favorite products from YADAH and i answered with "NOT YET" LOL ~ But this is really my answer and luckily i didn't spell out NEVER ~ HAHAHAHHAHAA 
Thanks you YADAH for the goodie box ... 
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Hmm ... SAMPLES ?''' 
There won't be another post about YADAH's products because i don't really know how to blog with samples ... The reason is because i don't really get to try them and see how they really worked with the samples so forgive me >...< !!! Anyways, still appreciated ! 


Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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