Sunday, June 30, 2013

ChatOn Official Media Launch at The Butter Factory ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Start this post with a picture me and Don ~ 
*Pretty right ?' HEHE ~ Sorry for the un-glam hair*

Have you guys heard about ChatOn before ?' 
ChatOn having their Official Media Launch at The Butter Factory on Friday's night ... It is awesome ! 

You guys might see this orange jumpsuit before in my blog because this is the only orange clothes which available in my wardrobe, LOL ~ 

Let's get started ...
*I have no idea what to write with the beginning, DAMN ~*
Starbucks mobile station was there for us - bloggers, invited guests and etc. 
When i wanted to redeem mine, a photography from the event actually ask us to act so i ask him to took with my camera also ... WAHHAHAHAH ~ The red hat one is the MC of the day ! 

There is a few staffs at the entrance there explaining how the ChatOn work and what is the difference between ChatOn and the other messaging apps for you and also a #FotoBox there for free ... Will show you how failed is mine below, LOL ~

Here is the background provided for us to take picture ... with Emily Tang

The information i got stated registration started at 6:30 pm ... 
So i went there around 7 but only see a few peoples there ... I never be puncture or early in my life before but when i started to join events then i know there is more and more "MO JIE" in the world, LOL ~ 

Event started at around 8 pm ... 
MC of the day ~

 Dance performance ...

Buffet time ...
They served broccoli which made me feel awesome, LOL ~
I know vegetarian is a troublesome but guess what ?' I met another vegetarian blogger also ... :P But the spaghetti is too stinky for me so i basically have some broccoli and taufu only, LOL ~ They served free drinks and Carlsberg(s) ! The Carlsberg on my hand actually borrowed from someone just for photo's purpose, LOL ! *I'm not drinking ~*

Stand-to-Win session ... 
Samsung gave out almost 10 *or maybe more than 10* Samsung Galaxy S3 mini on that night, WOW ~
Best creative dress in orange ~ In order to win the best dress, contestants have to dance with the music and get the biggest applause ! The funniest one is the girl who so daring to pull out MC and switch their hair ornaments, LOL ~ For sure she is one of the winner ... 

Photos :-
#HandsomeDon like #BaiMaWangZi
#EmilyTang #Don #FrankieRoseUni

Get to play S4 because staffs were having their after-work meal beside me so i ask one of them to borrow me shamelessly ... HAHAHAHAHAH !!! The special effect of the 2nd photo only can be done by Emily Tang because she actually covered my camera flash with her fingers when she took the photo ... LOL !!! Btw, S4 is like no weigh one ... #superLIGHT

I have to mentioned the shoe-of-the-day which caused me a knee-pain in the next morning, DAMN !!! 
LOL ~ For sure it is because me, myself for not wearing heels for quite some time already !!! I quite in love with it !!! *is the shoe not knee pain*

Let's see what we have in our goodies bag ... 
Aww >...< The failed FotoBox's photo !!! The staff didn't mentioned how many shots we are having so i thought only ONE !!! =...= Btw, i like the second one, HEHE !!!

Let's see what is in ChatOn's goodies bag :-
*my phone actually showing ChatOn app*
Thanks Starbucks for these FREE beverage vouchers, appreciated !!! 
 #LessonLearned #Painful #HAIRS #LOLLLL
#GroupPhoto #Monoah

ChatOn featuring :-

1.  ChatOn is on Samsung's major devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note2 and even Galaxy Camera.

2.  Chat Face to Face 
3.  Auto Translation 
4.  ChatMAN

And here is their new TV commercial adv so watch it ...

End it with the TV commercial adv ...

My ChatOn's Username:

You can also lock up your ChatOn to avoid peeper(s) by setting passcode !!!

Have a nice day ... ❤