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Dove Nourishing Better than Milk with The Food Studio ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Dove's blog post is here !!! Let's get started ... 

This Dove better than milk's event held at Amarin Kiara The Food Studio there which no far from my place so i took a bus and walk all the way to The Food Studio !!! AMAZING right ?' I even went to the wrong direction which pointed by The Garden International School's guard ! DAMN ~ Luckily still managed to get the correct direction man ~ I walked a lots !!! LOL ~ So basically my pretty makeup of the day all gone when i reached the venue, damn >...< 

I haven't get a chance to use the NEW Dove body wash yet so i bet there will be another post about it like how it smell and how it feel after rinsing !!! And i think with a little biological facts and knowledge, LOL ~ *try my best* 

Imma so in love with Mont' Kiara's environment !!! There is like trees all the way beside the road and it looked really like those in Korean drama where rich guy live !!! Indeed it is ! LOL ~ But the weird thing is i still see foreign workers, DAMN !!!

The Food Studio ... 

Watch your steps !!! I really don't know what to do if i fell down, LOL ~ 
The Food Studio collaborated with Dove or vice versa and they made fun and interesting event !!! Gosh ~ The Food Studio is not a restaurant ... It is a STUDIO !!! LOL ~ 
Let's see how is the decorations/environments :-

 Let's check out their new series products and some random shots :-

Colorful series huh ?' Will talk about what each color featuring in the product's post !!! *Such a responsible blogger i am ~* How is my photography skills ?' Not that bad huh ?' And one random shot trying out the melting-level of my makeup >...< But the lightning behind just make it look so perfect ...
Let's get started :-

Our host of the day, pretty Chermaine Poo ... 
Instagram: @chermainepoo 
Why i managed to remember our pretty host's name ?' Because she is pretty mah !!! LOL no lar ~ Because she kinda hashtag us on Instagram so i saw her name lur ... 
Luckily there is a schedule given to us so i remembered who and what are they, LOL ~

Tanya Teng, Brand Manager, Skin Cleansing, Unilever (M) Sdn Bhd 

Presentation by John Goh Yeng Kiat, R&D Deploy Manager Home & Personal Care & R&D Site Leader, Unilever (M) Sdn Bhd 

Demonstration that Dove new body wash is nourishing better than Milk ...
I know the girl ... Her name is @sweesan [Instagram]

After demonstration, NEXT thing is ... 
Lovely Chef Paul ... 
He look directly into my soul, LOL ~ Is camera ! Cooking class !!!! Guess who is there ?!!!

Need no introduction anymore right ?' Cheessie man !!! Such an honored to eat her cook ! Jealous boh ?!!! Hahaha ... Chef Paul looking into my soul again, Oopss ! 

I'm in desserts group ... 
I'm so damn 'expert' in cooking geh !! So what i did ?' Wash pandan leaves which for decorations one and stir sugar with mango cubes !!! Such a hard task ... LOL ~ I seldom cook geh if maggie then expert lur ... HAHAHAHAHAH !!! No one will want to marry with me anymore ... :( 

Chef Paul go around to give briefing for each group so that we won't mess it up ... The problem is i don't understand ! LOL ~ Not that he speaking in Germany, he is speaking English just that the procedure that pour this in and boil that is too complicated and confusing as well for my small little brain to figure out ... :( 

Dessert's group:-

What i did :-
Basically i took pictures more than i hand-on cooking, LOL ~ 

Main Course's group :-

Luckily i told Shirlyn i'm vegetarian so that i won't be touching fishes ... LOL ~ 
Indeed, I'm a wholelife-vegan ... No bluffing ! I really not dare to touch fishes ! If i force to touch them then i will pretend pengsan, LOL ~ So, Cheessie was in the Main Course's group ... Anyways, salmons is the subject of the main course !!! 

Appetizer's group :-

Salad !!! My very first try on avocado and it taste not so bad !!! I heard it is a very healthy food and high in good-fats ... 

Can you believe ?' We - bloggers cooked !!! 
Are you dare to eat them ?' But some really expert on it though, :( ... 

While waiting for the other group to be done ... 

Let's check the food out :-
Main Course 
Normal version :-
 Mine :-

A small portion of the taste-so-damn-good marsh potato ... Of course keep refill it, HAHAHAHA !!!

For sure the mango taste nice like it normally does lar but ... 
The below one taste YAKKKK ~ It made from milks ! So it is a failed one or maybe just me because i don't like how it taste and the texture ! When it is served, Chef Paul joined our table and there is one extra cup of it so Chef actually had it and even though he commented like "The milk boiled too long already ... " But he still managed to eat them all ... And when i finally come to the milk, after one gulp of it i was like "Fuck, what is that ?'" LOL ~ I'm sorry for who got to eat them >...< 

Anyways, the appetizer and the marsh potato taste good !!! 

Brought to you by :- 

Cheers ... 
Have a great weekend ... 
I'm late again !!! 

Thanks Dove !!! 
The Food Studio !!! 
Shirlyn for this awesome invitation !!! 

Photo credited to Caroline 

Stay Tuned for 
Dove Body Wash nourishing better than milk post ... 

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