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Fairy Beauty Workshop at mYoga The Garden Mall ... ❤

 Howdy guys ... :)

I think almost everyone or maybe every girls tried one or two supplemental drink(s) before or maybe still having it for the purpose of slimming down or maybe brighter eyes or else, right ?' I had two before but i stop ! The first one i had is xxxShine Berry Essence for brighter and healthier eyes one ~ I drink them once a day *If i didn't mistaken* and yup it really brighten up my eyes even the iris but i stopped ...
The second one is Image Loss which for slimming down one and at that time i was on extreme diet which mean i eat nothing for few days so i can't really tell it worked or not, LOL ~ Sometimes supplemental drink(s) can cost you lots and this is one of the reason which i stopped, LOL ~ *I am not rich enough mah*

So i bet most of you acknowledged about Fairy Beauty Supplemental Drink already, right ?' Why ?' Because Chuckei blogged about it! LOL ~ So i went to their get-to-know event on Saturday (08/08/2013) which held in the mYoga which located at the 4th Floor of The Garden Mall ... And they presented us - bloggers the Fairy Beauty Supplemental Drink(s) and i get to know them well than before ! So what about the Fairy Beauty ?'

FAIRY BEAUTY - Naturally Magical
Devoted to help women eliminate damaging toxins from their bodies, evoke radiant youthfulness and enhance innate feminity, Fair Beauty essences provide safe, scientifically proven, effective solutions for a whole range of skin and beauty related problems in just 4 weeks! *COPIED*

- Relieve - Eradicate free radicals & toxins
- Repair - Restore damaged tissues
- Rejuvenate - Increased metabolism & regeneration of new cells
- Replenish - Enhance vitality & revive youthfulness
- Reserve - Defend against free radicals and prevent pre-mature aging

Allowed me to blog about the event before go into the products ...
In the invitation, the time stated 11am but i reached there at almost 12 noon and i really sorry about that ... I even received call from them and informing me that the event will be started in 10 mins just to wait us - bloggers *who is late, including me* but i'm not the last, LOL ~ I know i am a 'mo jie' so i actually woke up 4 hours earlier before the time stated just to make sure i have enough time in grooming and reaching the venue on time ! 3 hours for grooming and 1 hour for 'transporting' myself to the venue ... 

I supposed to go with my sis who is the 'personal photographer', LOL ~ But one of her car 'tayar' got stolen, WTF !!! So it actually delayed my time already ! And my sister can't attend this awesome workshop with me, don't you think the thief deserve a ball burst in his crotch ?' YEEESSSSSS !!! But luckily, i didn't missed any part of the event except the refreshment which i felt 'pai seh' to actually go over there and serve it my own, LOL ~ It looked tasty though >...< 

Back to the event ... 
MayJune ... The brand spokeman ! She shared with us how she met Fairy Beauty and how the result being discovered ! I love the way she speak, open-minded not trying to cover or shy of sharing ! She said she have been having this two Fairy Beauty drinks for months, i think three months *if i didn't mistaken*   Her skin got worsen when she was hosting the Women Zone due to tons of chemicals and all sorts of trial treatments but after having Fairy Beauty for few months, her skin improved a lots and she is getting back her previous skin which is before hosting Women Zone ... This is the result from Fairy Whitez

She also shared that her boyf is the one who discovered that she has some changes ... Example like firming and boobs size ! *She didn't pointed to the boobs size lar ... * Anyways, this is the result from Fairy Blossom!
Live testimonies from Fairy Beauty satisfied customer ... 

Let's see what is Fairy Beauty's products ... 
Fairy Beauty are so generous by giving us one month supple for Fairy Blossom and Fairy Whitez, Thanks ! So i guess we will see again after one month for my very own testimony right ?' STAY TUNED ! Can't wait to see what can it done to me ... :) For sure, i will stated my current problem(S) below, let's finish the products first ... 
#Fairy Whitez
 #Fairy Blossom
Okay ... 
Let's end this post with problem(S) i'm dealing with so that we will see what Fairy Beauty can done to me ! 

Let's start with my appearance/face first ... 
If you go through my very very old blog post, you will be seeing so damn lots red dots on my face and yea that's is pimples ! And now reduced because of one, tons of editor like MeiTuXiuXiu and all kind of photoshop for us to 'xiu' ... Second, i'm not a teenager anymore so i won't have sea of pimples growing but aging like wrinkles and for sure pigmentation ! So my problem(s) is basically everything, LOL ~ Dark Circle, Big Eye Bags, wrinkles and pigmentation ! Show you my dark circle and damn big eye bags ... 
See ~ A really precious photo with MayJune and wanna share it but the damn DARK DARK DARK circle spoiled the photo, DAMN ! Actually the photo is already edited but you know my dark circle never can be done, :( Anyways, you can see dark circle and eye bags in every photo of me actually, LOL ~ Basically, they became my signature already ... >...< And check out those little bumps after i put my makeup on and those little red dots popping up through the foundation ! Can you see those lines below my heavy eye bags ?' That's where the wrinkles appear ! *My eye bag so damn fat* 

Other than 'face problem', no exception for those women (monthly) problem(s) lur ... 
I'm actually having mensus now ... Few days ago, it is my first day of the month mensus, i don't wanna take leave and stay at home because i took so much leave already, LOL ~ So i started to feel guilty and wanna go work on my first mensus day of the month ... *Usually the first day i will stay at home even when i'm schooling* The reason is on the first day i will feel the pain ~ So i take my usual routine to my workplace but en route i really can't 'tahan' the dreadful pain anymore then i stop at XXX station and cry in the ladies and also on the phone, ask my sis to pick me up and also the employee there noticed me and actually 'escort' me ... So damn embarrassing man ! The pain really killing me ... When i reached home, i cried again for almost damn 10 minutes ! How embarrassing those mensus put me into ?' I seldom or never cry in front of anyone !!!! If you read my Twitter, i said i wanna have a debate with God why mensus every months and i really do and i think i will win man, LOL ~ 

And also i wish i have a more firm boobs, LOL ~
Or maybe bigger ... 

We will see again after 4 weeks !!! 
I've mentioned above right ?' Sometimes, supplemental drinks can costs plenty especially those daily one, LOL ~ But if Fairy Beauty really worked then i will 'invest' on it as now i'm also working ... :) 
Wait ... Forget about other goodies we have ! 
Bridal Trend magazine and also mYoga trial ... Thanks ! Appreciated ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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