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[Movie Review] Fast & Furious 6 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Why the biscuit ?' I don't know ! I just can't help myself from selca-ing with everything and this turned out to be nice so i post here lur, LOL ~ Get your snack ready for my Fast and Furious 6 movie review !!! 

I watched it yesterday night with my sis after my Fairy Beauty workshop on the afternoon ~ 
How was it ?' I would like to say "I WANT TO LIVE IN THERE !!!" ... I want to race so handsomely like the girls in there ~ I want to to able to fight a strong man/woman ! I want to have an extraordinary life like them ! I want to do shooting as well ~ So much i want to do if i live in there ! I bet i will be a girl who like to dolled up, take care of her image every second, checking out handsome guy everywhere but still able to fight well, able to shoot good enough and race the damn car ! WOO ~ I reaaallllyyyy get upset after the movie, you know ?' Back to the dull life ... LOL ~ 

Watching the trailer get me excited enough already ... Damn ! I don't mind watching it over and over again ! I swear i will get the same excitement when those thrilling scene on ! I think i should gather all the episode from 1 to 6 and watch them in one roll, who wanna join ?' LOL ~ I'm not sure whether i watched the episode which Letty 'died' ... But she is back man ! I bet almost everyone watch it already right ?' Maybe twice or even thrice already ?' LOL ~ I know i'm damn late but who care, BLEK !!! If you follow my blog long enough, you will know i got some 'serious' problem in memorizing, LOL ~ So i don't really know or remember who is Letty but i swear i saw her before this episode and she rocks in this episode, she got the power ! 
"You get us Letty, we'll get you Shaw."
Ride or Die !!! 
They really made the best team in the world ... OMG ! I can't stay focused on how they act and how they carry out the characters ! I keep thinking that it is a real story and i actually wanna say how they worked awesomely with each other man, SLAP me ! LOL ~ I have to say the crew of this movie is really awesome is like them in the movie which made the best movie ever ! "ER ... Guys, they got a tank !" "Did somebody just say tank ?" 

Anyways, their enemy also getting stronger and stronger ... 
Like in this episode, the enemy really kills ! The enemy able to build and lead a team like DOM which made them having a hard ball when confronting and battling the enemy ~ The script writer is really rock man ! Have to send him/her more energy drink in order for him/her to work out those awesome plots ! *THHUUUMMMBBB UPPSSSS* Seriously can't get enough of it ! Like a hangover man ! The 'weapons' the enemy using is actually amazed me like the invincible low frame race car but not so invincible in the end overall, LOL ~ But it is really invincible except you can be as smart as Brian ! And the TANK ~ 

Those cars in the movie was awesome as hell and BMW joined the team huh ?' HEHE
I bet they really having a hard time in acting because of those flying-in-the-air motion/moment ! 
Like this one !
And also the Dom and Letty one which made me think of The Hulk the moment when Dom smash his back to the car, LOL ~ 

Hobbs who just joined in at the previous episode also made this movie rock ! 
The Rock who have a huge body but a cute and serious face knows exactly where and how to carry out those humor but not funny look with funny caption ! And also the ego face which match his position ! 

And the most interesting part is actually the end of the movie but not really the end of it ... 
JASON STATHAM is joining them ! I got to know him from Transporter ~ "Dominic Toretto, you don't know me but you will know me soon ~" Damn ! It really getting interested man ! Awesome ... Love you, crew of the Fast & Furious ! Really can't get enough of it ! 

That's the deal ! Take it or leave it ~ 

See you ~ 
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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