Monday, June 24, 2013

My 2nd Wish on my WISHLIST ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
I seldom blog on Monday's night geh ~ 
I did today because i may be died tomorrow because of the HAZE !!! I didn't get myself any mask because i think there will be no need of them but i was WRONG ... Because today i went to work and i walked outdoor for almost 5-10 mins to the monorail/bus stop then i started to feel the headache already !!! Heard that mask(s) is already out of stock neh ~ 

Take good care of yourself and drink more water and it really help ... 
*Maybe because no matter how dirty the air is the "H2O" will never be "H2CO" or else ... LOL*

I added something to my WISHLIST ~
Check it out !!! LOL ~ No need to do so as i'm going to say something about it !!!
My second wish in my WISHLIST is "The Boy" Photoshoot/Album ~ I love taking pictures and this need no proof at all, LOL !!! I came into this idea when i was in the bus and looking left and right and i saw a foreign worker sat in front of me so the hatred toward them actually do inspired me to have this photoshoot ! i was thinking: "What are you looking at ?' Girls can do what man does !!!" I actually lying back to the chair's back with my legs extended to the front ... LOL ! I know ~ 

My idea goes like this ... 

No ~ I'm not gonna tell here !
I'm not sure whether someone did something like what i have in mind before but trust me ! I have my own unique ideas ~ To avoid someone stole my idea so anyone who interested can contact me and i wouldn't mind spending month to talking about the idea and how to make it unique and 'perfectly imperfect' ... :) For sure, i will need all your information/certs before i actually tell the idea to avoid stealing of the copyright !!! *Wow ~ I can be real serious when come to business !* 

Even Fast & Furious 6 still need trailer to actually thrill the excitement of the audiences then i bet i will need that too ... 
How do men look like after shower ?' With bathrobe ?' I don't think so ! With towel surround over the body ?' Hmm ... Yeap but which part !!! I'm a open-minded person, i wouldn't mind showing naked back but as usual for every models ! NO TITS ! LOL ~ I know if my parents or sisters read this, i will be grounded and block from using network or even phone calls but everyone have a DREAM ... I might not have the chance to make this dream come true as i don't have a thin or even close to sexy body figure or maybe because i'm not that famous yet so no one read this and it will eventually become just a trash ... >...< 

Good Luck to me ... 
Take good care of yourself & drink more H2O !!
Have a nice day ... ❤

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