Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[REVIEW] CANMAKE Cosmetic Products with My Makeup ... ❤

 Howdy guys ... :)

Remember that i attended CANMAKE event at KL Convention Centre ?' Did i mentioned in the launching blog post that they are so generous in their goodies bags by giving us - blogger full set of make up *almost* ?' So here is the review on their cosmetic products :)

Like previous review post, i'm wearing it on ...
And yeap ~ I'm wearing them while attend YADAH's birthday bash !
This post actually ready to be published weeks ago but keep postponed it til now so event(s) which after YADAH's birthday bash, all wearing CANMAKE products so you guys can check back and have a look on my make up ...

One by one so let's start with the CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder MB ~
I'm so in love with it ~ 
Before this, i only bothered to apply BB Cream but not any powder. After trying this i was like "Oh ~ Never knew powder was so important before !" With only BB Cream even though the BB Cream itself  actually do featuring "oil control" but after some period of time, my face will became oily and not photo-friendly anymore ! See ~ After applying the powder, my face is like matt/better and more camera-friendly if you do compare with my previous photo ! I've tried taking pictures with flash on and it look absolutely 'well-done' man ! For sure, you have to reapply after some period of time ~ And with powder on, i won't afraid to sweat *but not heavy sweating for sure LOL* ... Wipe with tissue and you will see no powder or any color on it ! 

Worth a TRY ?'❤ 
Worth the PRICE ?' : Sorry NO IDEA for the price 

The second one will be CANMAKE Brown Eyeliner 01 ~
This eyeliner is super duper easy hand on to draw even for beginner ... 
I used it for inner upper line and i can finish within 10 secs but the outer line ... I actually tried to use this brown eyeliner to draw the line i desired but it just happened to look good only in black so there is a brown love shape , lol ~ It can draw a really thin line though ! If you wanna go for natural look then use brown eyeliner ! 

Easy to Draw on ?'
Worth A TRY ?'
Worth the PRICE ?' : NO IDEA 

The third and the final one is CANMAKE Cream Cheek CL02 ~
Before :-
After :-
Sweet Sweet right ?' LOL ~ *THICK FACE* 
It created to give you the natural blush ! They actually featuring blood like blush which mean like so natural until like you have tons of blood vessels grow underneath your cheek and give out those natural redness ~ And i love it ! They came with three color and i remember have one is red color one like literally REDDDD, LOL ~ I actually been using this since i got it ! They also gave us another powder blush which is orange color one which i never try it before because this one just so "attractive" to me, LOL ~ 

Sorry for the fingerprints ... >...< 

Look Natural ?'
Worth a TRY ?' : ❤ 
Worth the PRICE ?' : I think if less than hundred then totally worth it ~ 

I also tried CANMAKE Eyeshadow Base and CANMAKE (NEW) Fourshiny Eyes 13 ... I just have no idea how to give them a rate because ... I don't really put on eyeshadows much so sorry for that ! 

So that's all for this post ~ 

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Have A Nice Day ... 


Sizzling Suzai said...

omg i love ur blushing so much..yup i adore it during d meeting at the dove event..hehe remember me?!!! ;) neway nice meeting u girl, u such a cutie one ^^

Linderella said...

That blush is really pretty :)