Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wacoal Young & Trendy B. Tempt'd New Collection Launching Event at Isetan KLCC ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

On Friday (31/05), Wacoal Malaysia launched Yong & Trendy B. Tempt'd lingerie line at Isetan KLCC and also 1 Utama so i get invited to join the KLCC one ... They actually stated the Dress Code in the invitation and yeap i acknowledged that but the thing is i don't have anything in purple! Their dress code is Young & Trendy in Purple ... I actually thinking to do a shopping about it but after observed a little and actually went into a store named TRENDY and found out that there is no PURPLE in their collection, =...= ! I was like hmm... And it is the end of the month which mean i haven't get my salary and didn't have extra penny to do any shopping so i decided to go with only Young & Trendy but not in PURPLE! I'm really sorry and that moment before i went to the registration counter i actually afraid they will refused my attendance, LOL ~ 

Anyway, it was a pretty awesome event which they also provided goodies bag to those customer who RSVP with them before the event ... Awesome right ?' 
Let's have a look on their registration counter with light refreshment first ... 

There are lots of blogger and customer who joined the launching event ... 
Let's see some of their collection ... 

Their collection really YOUNG with sexiiiiii ... 
Their new collection ... B. Tempt'd 

I love the red color one because i always in love with the bold red color, LOL ~ Their new collection having so many color for us to choose and with the PUSH UP feature which every girls want except if you have a pair of giant boobs, LOL ~ 
Pretty purple hair model ... 
Before the event started :-

Got my goodies bag and also lucky-draw numbers ... Like usual, no luck at all ! LOL ~ My sister coming with me to be my 'photographer' of the day, tons of thanks for her ! And she followed the dress code don't you think she is so cooperative ?' LOL  *Don't ever try to comment nasty* 
Event started :-

With purple color tank one is our pretty and friendly MC of the day ... The one with suit one is xxx giving speech about the launching which i really really sorry i can remember what is he *i meant his position* and for the other 3 also but for sure they are the Wacoal person ! Last, is the dancing performance which is great ! *applause* Wearing new collection inside and swinging butt showing a little of the new collection + boobs, WOW ~ *lol* 
Time for Pictures ... 

While taking the group picture, i was trying so hard to squeeze in but i have no idea whether i'm in the Wacoal's cameraman picture or not, LOL ~ My sis was trying to get the group picture for me also but failed, LOL ~ The small yellow color bag is goodies bag for customer and it is my sis one which i asked her to pose with it but she refused to so i posed with it lur, LOL ~ 
Let's check out what is in the my goodies bag :-

There are RM30 voucher if you do a shopping on the day, a Wacoal tower, two pieces of underwear from Wacoal and one piece of the new collection - B. Tempt'd and a handbag ~ I 'unbox' the new collection - B. Tempt'd underwear to actually check the size and damn lucky man it is free size and it is so stretchable so i get to try it ... *peace* And one last small bag is actually from the customer goodies bag which my sis gave it to me because she don't know what can she do with the bag, LOL ~ 
Check the next post out for Wacoal new collection and some coming soon collection ...
See you ~

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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