Saturday, June 1, 2013

What should i DO when I Bump Into My 'Ex' ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Before any event's post, i wanna tell you guys i went to Della Ding Dang's concert at Genting Highlands Star Arena !!!! Jealous boh ?' Of course we bought the tickets with money >...< And have a nice catch-up session with my high school schoolmates after being so long ~ ~ ~ 

This will be a topic post after so long ~ 
What can you or should you do when you bumped into your 'ex' ... 
How the hell on earth i will get an idea about blogging this ?' Because i actually BUMP INTO my 'ex' while in the Genting Trip's with friends and luckily i was alone at that moment so i don't have to explain to my friend who the hell he is, LOL ~ He actually spotted me and followed me for a while until i wanna make a turn and heading back then his face appeared ! *I WAS SHOCK TO THE MAX* I was like "DAMN ~ He ... He is ... Or just someone who look exactly like him but not him ?' " and i wanna act cool like i usually did to every strangers and just go away pretending i don't know him but i can't help myself from smiling =...=

He actually gave me a hard grip on my arm and pull me out for a talk and keep act like we are still couple ... DENG !!! Luckily i still able to shove over those 'molesting' hands ~ I don't fucking get it ! We're actually ended for about one year but he still ask me like "Why you no like me anymore ?'" the 'anymore' actually bothered me ! Why now ?' Not when i decided to end it ?' Okay ... 

Let's talk about it ~
What is the best reaction you should have ?' 
For me, it is really depend ! If i ended the relationship because i found out that he's cheating on me then DAMN ! Even though he is on fire and there is a full bucket of water beside me, i will rather drink them all then splash a single drop on him ~ HaHaHaHa ! If i'm so unlucky that i bump into him after that then i will never can't help myself from being smiling because he cheated on me, you get what i mean ?' LOL ~ I think my mind will have tons of scenario going in and out about how and which way is the best way that i can hurt him but he won't have any evidence to point it is me who did that ! LOL ~

But me and my 'ex' that abovementioned ... 
I can't remember the reason why i ended it up but the formal reason to my surrounding is that he wanted to get marry but i am not available because i was a teenager ! What i remember is that we don't have a big fight but maybe a small one or maybe just me ~ LOL ! So i'm the one who ended it up and there is no certain reason for it, at least not that important til i can remember *my memorizing suck to the max* When i refused to answer any of his question by saying "Don't know ~" to his every questioning, he actually said "Can't we just be friend ?" But obviously he is lying ! So he keep asking for number and blah blah blah and "Don't know ~" obviously is a good answer if you not willing to get back together ! Or if you think after broke up still can be friend then do it after the moment you end it up not after a year or more ! If be friend with each other already then never have the bump into 'ex' anymore , will be friend instead ~

I'm not giving any 'love advise' ... 
I'm just giving out my thought with what and who i met ! 
Thanks for reading ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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Hazel said...

I find it very interesting to read your blog!!!
Hahahaha...your non-beauty-related posts always make me laugh!!!
But at the same time it makes me think also...
I think it will be fun making friend with you!! =)