Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why i need a MASSAGE ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
This blog post is my entry for "Why i need a massage ?!" 

If you are here then i think need no explanation about what bloggers is and do right ?' 
For your summary, bloggers attended events ! Take pictures about products, setups and of course taking pictures with 'herself' *or maybe himself* and also with other bloggers which will 'cost' us muscle pain or even worse Arthritis (关节炎) ~ LOL !!! 

I'm not really sure about other bloggers, i'm talking about me - myself !!! 
Like the picture above, i take selca ... Like those head high up and the camera is situated at all the way to my right hand side one !!! Which activated my 256 muscles in my body in order to get the pose and in order to get the best pictures, we have to try more pose like camera all the way to the left hand side or maybe without winking one or maybe head a little lower like angle 11.25 degree and blah blah blah... You know ... ARTHRITIS !!! 

Of course i'm not only taking those 'high-level' selca geh ... 
I also took like the camera all the way down geh like the picture below ... 
In order to get this, you have to bend your body a little forward maybe at 35.5 degree ~ Hand reaching out and hold the camera at 105 degree ~ Hold the camera which may weigh from 200++ grams to kgs and ask your brain to send out messages to your thumb or index fingers muscle to click on the shutter button ... :O Oh my ~ 

You know ?' This all required muscles and energy ... 
Sometimes, can be tiring too ... Can be frustrated as well when your condition-of-the-day is not photo-friendly at all but still wanna take selca !!! My waist muscle or maybe pelvic muscle *LOL*, my triceps and biceps, my fingers muscles and this muscle and that muscle !!! The selca(s) look not-so-bad right ?' Then don't you think i deserve a massage in order to produce more and more good-looking selca and pictures !!! *I'm a confident person, thanks ... LOL*

If it is not persuasive enough for you then HOLD ... 
I have more excuses ... *instead of reasons, HAHAHA*

Catching angles ... 
It is belly belly important when come to products shooting you know ?' Like the below pictures !!!
This is one of my favourite product's shoot ... *Sorry for having other brand*
I actually put them on the floor so now start to imagine how i get it done ?' Lying on the floor ?' NO ... I'm actually squatting so can you imagine how big is the gap between my left inner thigh and my right inner thigh ?' But i did a great job right ?' FASSSTTTEEEERRR say YES !!! *LOL* This is what bloggers did !!! For sure before the center-angle picture get picked up, we still have to try from various angle like from left 65 degree or 32 degree ~ From right 540 degree !!! *LOL* 

I still got more ... *Once i started, i just can't stop*

Let's see what is it !!! 
I cooked !!! 
LOL ~ No lar ... I stirred !!! With a spatula which 'cost' me extra energy ... 
Don't you think if i use my hand which doesn't matter what i did with it will be more faster and easier ?' HAHAHAHA !!! Joking ... But i actually ask and i get shot by "NO!" "NO~" "NO!!!" ... =...=

So why cooking deserve a massage ?' Because i never cook before and since then i have a hard time in waking up, walking, writing, sleeping and breathing, LOL ~ I still try to stir when i know nothing at all having the risk that quarter(s) of the mango cubes will 'jump' out and suicide ... Don't you think ... 

I think i deserve the massage ... Don't you think so ?' *PUPPY EYES* 
FASTER SAY YES !!! *with ah gua's voice* HOHOHOHOHOHO

Ok lar ... 
Tired already !!! See ~ I really need a massage so badly !!! *BIG PUPPY EYES*

Oh ... 
After published the post and i realized one more 'excuse' to be tell ... 
It is sitting hours just to blog can be torturing also *BACK CRAMPS*

I know lar ... 
You belly confused now, right ?' Where got "Why i need a massage" 's contest ?' I tell you, GOT !!! 
Which brought to me by ... 
The Butterfly Project 
Really thank you The Butterfly Project for having me to the massage party, LOL ~ 
No lar ... Really thank you and appreciated that for giving me so many opportunities to attend various brands' events and get to know and get to try their products !!! LoveU *Muachhhhhzzzzzz*

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Photobooth Malaysia
FaceBook Page : Photobooth Malaysia

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

Check their FaceBook's page out !!! 

See you ... 

Pray for me yea ...
For winning the invitation !!!

Have a nice day ... 

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