Saturday, June 15, 2013


Howdy guys ... :) 
How is your Saturday ?' Mine is/was awesome !!! By looking at the picture above and yeap i went for Dove's event which cooperated with The Food Studio and which we - bloggers had have cooking class !!! Opps ~ Too much details ! Make you excited ?' Will blog about it once i got those 'professional' photos ! I can't wait to blog about it already >...< ! Thanks Shirlyn for this awesome invitation !!!

So while waiting for the Dove's blog post to be out ... 
I wanna add something to the side column which i saw some of the bloggers did ... Sound like plagiarizing huh ?' LOL ~ Whatever you think ! Which is ... ?!!! WISHLIST !!! *Did i just heard chhhheeeeeekkkkkk ?'* Everyone have what they want in mind right ?' SAME HERE !!! But i wanna list it out 'loud' so that i will actually make effort on/for it ! Or if lucky enough, 'somebody' will get it for me ?' Or maybe sponsorship ?' LOL !!! 

Dealing with WISHLIST really make me wanna add in "To be a full time blogger ~" but it didn't really categorized in what kind of WISHLIST we will be having ~ So let's move on to something else ! WISHLIST ?!!!! The first one will be ... 

1. a DSLR ?!!! Or a decent camera 
Why i ever need DSLR if i never take any photography classes/courses before ?' Because when i was at event (any kind), i saw DSLR and then turn around DSLR and then turn left DSLR again and then turn to the right DSLR again !!!! LOL ~ I was like "DAMN ~ DSLR !!! I better hide my cheap compact camera lar ! " LOL ~ I knew that in order to capture a nice photo with DSLR, we have to learn like how to adjust this and that with the surrounding's light by turning this on and letting that in and blah blah blah which i just have an eye on it today at the Dove event which made me go @.@ ! So maybe i just need a DSLR to show off ?!!! LOL ~ I would like to learn how-to-use it if i do have a DSLR but probably not wanting it along with me all the time except i become a photography and capturing all those pretties and macho guys , LOL ~ Because it is HEAVY ... I bet if i carry it around with me, after few times i will become The Rock already, LOL !!! 

But i don't mind if there is sponsorship of it for me to explore more about DSLR, LOL !!! My current camera is Sxxsung WB150F which going to be malfuntion-ed SOOOONNNNNNN !!! Maybe i use it for selca too much so now it show objection !!!! This camera is recommended for selca-purpose because the resolution is not that high, LOL !!! Now i really don't have extra penny to spend on a decent camera which might cost me 1000++ or even 2000++ !!! So i make my move on getting a 'FREE' decent camera which is participated in JOM MERIAH creative headband contest ~ Please give me one of the Consolation Prize, i don't need the Grand Prize ! >...<  But i'm not sure whether the camera able to do nice landscape picture or not ... >....< !!! *I don't have any particular brand in my mind though*




To be filled ... 

I really can't think of what i want anymore ! I wanna get back to study but this wish doesn't belong to what the WISHLIST i'm doing now so ... 
Basically i need money as well ! LOL ~ 

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