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Aupres Pampering Workshop at Zang Toi Cafe ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Massage Party is on morning so the afternoon one will be ... 


Luckily some of the bloggers from the Massage Party are heading to this event also so i shamelessly followed them lur ... *HAHAHA* It is a free flow events which they have a few of booth for us - bloggers to take turns and go around and have fun ourselves without having butt stick to the chair for hour and like listening to the lecture ! So let's see what kind of booths they have ... 

Registration Counter 

Tapot Card Reading Booth :-
After seeing this picture, wondering what kind of question the girl is asking ... *LOL* 
I didn't go for this booth because there is a long queue !!! No lar ... Because i afraid no matter what question i'm asking, the reader straight away tell me :"You tak payah read, you will die later !" WAHAHHAHAA ~~~ I'm kidding okay ! I just don't like to know how my future, career or relationship will be ... I prefer if you can tell me how i can make everything better ! HEHE 

Hand Massage Booth :-
Seem like my Saturday is all about massaging right ?' WOW
They using the Aupres facial skincare products instead of the normal hand lotion for the massaging and my hand straight away become softer 100 times neh !!! *LOL* I know a little bit exaggerated but my hand really feel softer after the hand massage because of the products they used on our hand ! You try to use your facial skincare products to do a little massage on your hand then you will see the 'magic' ~~~
Remember lah ! My hand got a blue rose there one ! *HAHA*

Flash Makeover Booth :-
The first time i attended event and ask how much is this / feel like purchase it after i see/try the product ! You know what is it ?' The Dimensional Face Creator ! The third picture below is the one i'm talking about ! It contained the 3 colors of blush , highlighter and the contour-er ! It is like 10-in-1 thingy for me but the make up artist answered me that they haven't fix the price yet and will only launching at next month, if i didn't mistaken ! I was disappointed and I heard lots of blogger asking the same question also neh ~ But surprisingly ... I like their illuminating powder as well ! Thinking to get one if the price range is reasonable and affordable for me >...< *the first and second picca below, above the lip-gloss thingy one*

Skin-Consultation Booth :-
I wouldn't call it as skin-consultation counter, i would call it as information counter ! LOL 
They introduced to us the skincare products range they having and by asking what is your skin type, they recommend you the most suitable series for your skin and also get to know their unique way in taking care of skin and applying sleeping mask ! Let's me share with you all ...

Apply lotion (liqiud type) instead of toner ... 
If you really need toner because of open pores problem then apply it (toner) as the last step of your daily skin care routine like after moisturizer ! Why ?' We always told to apply toner after cleanser right ?' The consultant said that we should put it as the last step because applying toner means closing up your pores then if it is the second step ... Then why do we need moisturizer as you already close your pores ?' It made sense ... OMG !!! * I hope she didn't created this by herself ... HAHAHA*

And their sleeping mask also the last step after your normal daily skincare routine ... 

D.I.Y. Cupcakes Booth :-
I know what you are thinking ?' 2 love and 1 flower ?' D.I.Y. ?' HHAHAHA 
I'm suck at being creative geh or maybe just lazy ... The flower dropped while we holding our 'handmade' cupcakes for photos so left 2 loves lur !!! But no photos can be show because the one helping us to take the picca is photographer and he just loves to zoom ... Zoom til our face belly belly big so afraid that if i show then you muntah ! HAHAHA

Products :-
There is 5 range of skincare products from Aupres in total ~ And below one is they new products !

Picca(s)' time :-
#Chawon No need introduction already lah !!! #VickyBoBo

My makeup of this event is already been touch up by the flash makeover booth with their illuminating powder, dimensional face creator and also the pink lip glaze ~ Check them out ! The pink color look so sweet but natural !!! I didn't bothered to take selca for the day because of my eyes >...< I have one picture to show you guys how the color look like under flash but putting it up here will probably destroy this whole 'glam' post so check out my FaceBook/Instagram for it, thanks ~ 

Each of us - bloggers entitled one goodies bag and i really surprise when i un-boxed it and see what is inside !!! *Let me do the thank-ing first before i start showing what is inside the box* Thank you Aupres for being so so generous and i really love it and i will do more nice makeup with it !!! Appreciated !!! Okay, finish ... 

The box :-

Inside the box :-

Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze 
I tried pink shade on the event which the makeup artist belly sai lei she straight away know i'm a pink-person even though i'm not wearing any pink color ! *LOL* But i forgot to take down the code of the pink shade ! 
Might put a review post on but i roughly tell how to use the brush first ! When you open, the brush got 2 sides; One side got a smooth surface and another one with something like fur on it ! So how to use it ?' 
1. Apply with the smooth surface first for color
2. Go through again with the 'furry' surface for balancing the color 
Anyways, Lip Glaze = Lipstick + Lip Gloss *Only girls will understand this* 

Same color with my new nail polish 

Dimensional Face Creator 
Ta Da !!! It is in our goodies box man ~ The shade is just so perfect ! Thank you ! I love the design of the container which the flower is actually a button, you push it and the lid will bounce up ! The flower looked just perfectly fine ! *Bow* *Bow* *Bow* 

Ultimate White Skincare Sample Set 

Aqua Active Sleeping Mask Sample 

Okay ... 
Like the previous one, i will put up another blog post regarding their new series of the Lip Glaze and the Dimensional Face Creator ! STAY TUNED !!!

Last, thank you pretty Michelle from Mivva.com for the invitation and Aupres ! Appreciated !!! 

Aupres's FaceBook : Aupres Malaysia
Mivva.com's FaceBook : MIVVA.com

Wait ~ *Almost Forget*
It held in Zang Toi Cafe which located in Level 4 Parkson, Pavillion ... 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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