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Customize Your OWN Trove with VanityTrove Malaysia ... ❤

Bello everyone ... :)
I know ! Monday Blue right ?' I hate Monday as well ! More accurately, i hate working days ! lol 

Okay ...
Let's get away from work's stuff !

I bet nowadays almost everyone know about beauty boxes right ?' But some still don't know ! I wanted to talk about beauty boxes to one of my friend, i even listed down the brands of the boxes but she just have no idea about them ! WHAT !!! Out-dated person ... haha 

I know some of you will be like "What is that ?" but no worry ! I will roughly brief you on that ! *only roughly since i'm not a pro* Beauty Boxes is about samples ! They let you try the products/brands (sample size) they are working with but sometimes you will still get a full-sized products (mostly cosmetic). So how it work ?' You subscribe on it like you subscribe for a monthly magazine ! You will have to pay monthly or straight away pay for 6-12 months subscription ! *depend on boxes* Then you will get one box per month to your doorstep and you get to try them ! Easy right ?'

I didn't really subscribe on any of them because i heard of bad comment-es (comments) ! Like the products in the box/bag is exactly the same with their previous month one ... Or the products in the box/bag is the one you hate the most ?' *lol ... It happened* I know it is so terrible right ?' Like what's the point of my subscription ?' But now ! NO WORRY anymore ...

Let's check that out !
Now ! You get to customize your own trove (box/bag) ... 
Don't you think it is amazing that you get to customize your own trove instead of let's them choose for you which (might) not suitable for your skin tone ?' Skin type ?' and etc. For sure, you will have to fill your particulars up so that they will list down the products which suitable for your (skin/hair) condition and then you are free to choose any 6-8 of them to be in your own trove ! Let's see how ... 

Here is the link : 

Which Best Describe Your Natural Hair Color ?' 
Natural ! So even now i have a kinda-blonde-hair-color but my answer is still black ! I don't know if i done it correctly >..< For sure ! They will ask about your skin type/condition, iris color, eyebrows, eyelashes and more so what you need to do is just answer those question honestly so that you will have your own trove which full of the products which suitable for you ! So what's next ...
You get to choose the what sample(s) you want to be in your own trove ! 
Other than picking up your own trove, every brands need feedback(s) and also improvement(s) to achieve their higher level in marketing, skills or else. So you can also be part of it ! Drop your feedback(s) of the product you used/tried or maybe write a review about that like what you like about the product (texture ?') and what you don't like about the products (design ?') and share it ...
I sure there is some products you wanna get a hand on it so badly right ?' But it ran out of stocks or whatever reason ! You can actually add them into your "Wishlist" , Like the Brands and the products ! This will help you to unlock the samples for your own trove ! Great right ?' 

I think you all see the brand of the trove i mentioned right ?' 
Yeap ! It is VanityTrove ! Remember Kose workshop collaborated one ?' Me and Paige actually have a small talk with the co-Founder himself and he tell us that "Why with bloggers instead of ambassador ?'" ... Ambassador with only one skin type/condition and if ambassador then normal people like us won't be able to approach her or even talk to her about the products we-normal people wanna find out more ! So with bloggers, we have different type of skin (tone/condition), hair (shade/condition) and more so you can actually head up to their blog or even follow them in VanityTrove's website to read their review(s) or maybe their favorite(s) as well and what is suitable for your skin type/condition. Set yourself a profile now ... 
So what are you waiting for ?' And why settle for less when you can customized your own trove ?' They have over 100 beauty brands partnerships man so you don't have to worry about nothing suitable for your skin (type/condition). 

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Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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