Monday, July 22, 2013

Hennessy V.S.O.P Parties at The Butter Factory on 25/07/2013 brought to you by My Hennessy App ... ❤

Bello everyone ~ 
I guess it is time to party with bannanana already ! lol 
Is Hennessy V.S.O.P ! I missed their Artistry at Penang one and i hate myself since then but now huhuhuhu is time to party with them again !!! They gonna have 11 parties in total at the hottest nightspots around Malaysia ... Don't you wanna join them ?' You don't have to ride all the way from Penang or other state to KL just for their party anymore because they will having parties around Malaysia which mean even in East Malaysia (if i didn't mistaken). 

So are you free on 25th of July ?' If yes then keep reading ... :P

I know a lots of people out there banned clubs or this sort of alcohol parties just like me until i read what is written on the Hennessy Malaysia's about page ! 

This profile is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking/buying age nor in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. HENNESSY ENCOURAGES RESPONSIBLE DRINKING.

Read ?' Hennessy encourages responsible drinking. If i didn't mistaken, the previous party which held in Penang one, they actually distributed mineral waters to the attendees so that no one will be a dead fish and no one mess around ! You see ?' Mineral water in a party is like milk in the club ! lol 

Their parties is only by invitation (if i didn't mistaken) ... 
So how to get your invitation if you are not their VIP - velly important people ?' GOOD NEWS to everyone who got mobile !!! I guess everyone have a mobile right ?' Slap you if you say no. 
Go download now and i will tell you why it worth your memories space below !

No matter you have the latest iPhone 5 or the eldest iPhone 3Gs or latest Samsung S4 or ... You will get this app at your App Store/Google Play so don't tell me you can't find ... I'm willing to help if you really can't find ! Just type "My Hennessy" and search or if you lazy enough then you can just type "Hennessy" then it will come out so no excuses huh ! Okay ... Why it worth your time to download it and your phone's memories space ! 

By downloading this app you stand a chance to win yourself one out of the 20 pairs of the invitations to the party happening on this Thursday at The Butter Factory (Giveaway by Hennessy Malaysia) and also invitation(s) for further parties ! Listen ... Is pair mean you can bring along your sexiii lady ~

So what are you waiting for ?' Go get yourself the app in AppStore/GooglePlay ... *hard sell huh*

So i sure you will ask what is the advantage or benefit of having this app right ?' No worry ! I will tell you ... 
Ignore the toucher...
By registration itself, you already have 1000 points and it is a lot ... 
#KeepScrolling to find out why 
But ... 

What i show above is just an overall, have too much to explore further and i sure when the party(s) is on then it will be so much fun like a live feed ! So if you not joining the parties, you can also download this app for the live feeds or some sexiii piccas !!!

The MY Hennessy App is an app that allows users to get real time updates on parties and events, the latest news on nightspots and DJs, as well as a camera function for users to capture their most exciting and memorable Hennessy moments. The app also has the function for users to accumulate points, through purchasing bottles, and completing challenges that are specific to MY Hennessy Parties, that can be exchanged for exclusive Hennessy V.S.O.P perks and products. *COPIED*

I downloaded it and you wanna see ?' *i will take your "NO" as a "YES" hehe*

Good Luck to all of you and see you there !!! ❤

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Mr Lonely said...

lols, let's get drunk tonight! XD