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INFINITY KOSE workshop at Parkson, Pavillion by Vanity Trove ... ❤

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Start off this post with my selca ! Stare into your soul ~ Blek :P 

Okay ... 
Like usual, nag a little first before go into the subject of this post ! 
I didn't get any invitation for this weekend until yesterday (Fri) evening, LOL ! Get myself and Paige Shem [FaceBook's name] the complimentary invitation to INFINITY KOSE's workshop from VanityTrove ! YES ~ Luckily man ! If not i will have to stay at home and bored die ! Not that i'm hate being at home just that i don't want to be non-productive to my blog on the only time that i can do something to my blog ! So yea ... I went to INFINITY KOSE's workshop and learned and also get to try their new launched product series ! Really learn a lots and to prevent my brain upsetting me for remembering the details so i'm doing this post before i hit the bed and lost all the memories ... HAHAHA

Actually this is my very first time attending skincare workshop so i get damn nervous when they ask us - attendees to remove all the makeup ! Like literally shivering man ~ *i don't have flawless skin* I actually expected that i will need to remove my makeup but i still spent time doing my own makeup for the event ... wtf But i think most of us cheated ! As i can't remove my mascara so i leave it with me all the time and Paige didn't remove her eyebrow >..< I shouldn't have also ... damn LOL ! Overall, it is really fun ~ Hope to join more workshop but prefer makeup products instead of skincare ... hehe

I think they haven't officially launched this series of products because i can't get the information on their official's FaceBook's page neh ~ Anyways, let's get started ! 

Venue: Parkson Personal Shopper Room Level 4, Pavillion 
Okay ... 
I'm late again but I'm not the last one there though, right ?' *didn't notice* I'm really sorry ! Blame the public transport ! HAHA When i arrived the lady who sat on the sofa *sorry my brain suck in remember names* greet me and i asked her whether the workshop started and her answer is ... "No ! We was waiting for you !" :O I went stiff for one or two second *because some workshop really waits* and rush in and realized i'm not that late what ! I was right on time once again ! HAHAHAHAHA and handsome co-founder welcoming me ... LOL *he was talking to Paige* I think all the co-founder of this kind of boxes-community should just meet each other up because all the co-founder(s) are like young, pretty and handsome one ! damn 

The lady below was giving presentation about what causes aging and the skin structure to us ... 
Allowed me to type out the FAQ which in the brochure ... 
Q : What causes accelerated aging of skin ?
A : There are three main factors that accelerate skin aging - firstly, frequent exposure to environmental toxins emanating from air pollution and over-crowding of cities. Secondly, stress from work and thirdly, an unbalanced diet ! *COPIED*

Oh God ~ I got stress from life and i definitely practicing unhealthy diet even though i wanted to get rid of it so badly especially junkies ! Still trying >..< Pray for me ! 

Q : What causes enlarged pores ?
A : Pores become enlarged as a result of skin lacking in water - as dry pores will release excess oil when the skin is dehydrated. Being overstressed is also a cause, as it will restrict the skin from breathing normally, thus creating too much oil. 
Skin that sags will also have larger pores. Sagging skin can be caused by too much intake of salty or spicy food which makes one's skin more puffy. Over-removing acne or blackheads will also hurt the skin and cause it to sag. And not having anti-aging skin care regime can worsen already sagging skin. 

Q : What will happen if enlarged pores are not treated ?
A : If not treated, the enlarged pores will form lines that look like wrinkles. Enlarged pores are the first sign of aging and the major cause of this is dehydration. This occurs increasingly in women over 25.

Okay ... 
Go hydrates your skin before you continue reading ! hehe

Below is the pretty Joe *i don't really know how to spell but her name pronounce as JOE* teaching us the correct steps on removing makeups and applying skincare ...
Before remove my makeup :-
*Put apron on* 
Okay ... I go nom nom first arr ~ I gonna enjoy my steak ! haha
The person behind me trying to avoid to be in my picca ! Want like that meh ?' haha
Will show you guys step-by-step of what they have taught us ! No worry ~

QUICK eye make up remover ... 
Let's get started with how to handling the cotton first ... 
This is the way we all should handle the cotton when applying stuffs on our face ! I think less force and more gentle to the skin with this gesture when come to applying so learn ! Yup ... Photobomb again with the after-event-at-home's picca ! haha

Next, let's remove lip area first ! 
No one ever try to draw on my face except me ! If let's me 'know' that you draw on my picca's face then i will scratch your real damn face ... :O Oops ! Blek :P *looking funny though*

So with the drawing(s) on my selca above ...
Remove you lipstick/lip gloss or whatsoever by having the cotton which soaked with remover from the outer corner of your lip and move inward until the tip/center of the lip and reach for another outer corner of the lip and move inward ... 

We haven't done with removing lip area yet ... 
After the four swipes on your lip, fold the cotton into a small square and continue ... 
I didn't mean the mustache's area ! Downward motion with the corner of the small square cotton to remove those lipstick went into the lines of your lips ... *i look like i grow beard* And we are done with removing lip makeup !

Next, move on to the eye area ... 
Eyebrow :-
Swipe the cotton from inner corner of your eyebrow to the outer corner ... Follow the arrow and only one direction ! Don't go forth and back and rub ! That's how i lost my eyebrow hair and now i have imbalance amount of eyebrow hairs ! damn 

Apply the same method to the eye shadow and even eyeliner ...

Mascara :-
Press on the eyelashes with the soaked cotton for around 5 secs and then with downward motion to remove the mascara ... 
Done with lip and eyes area so now let's move on to the face ... 
INFINITY KOSE Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel :
This unique gel-based cleanser effectively dissolves makeup into oil mixture, deeply cleansing the skin while preserving natural moisture. *COPIED*
 This is the amount you need for your whole face ... don't read my palm, thx
How :-
Using 5 dots application method ~ 
Check out my picca above if you not sure which area is the dots supposed to be and spread it out using circular motion ! *cute mah ?*
Oily enough ?' 
*wipe off*
Carry on with the second skincare regime step ... 
We have to choose one of them to apply according to our skin condition and it is so hard for me so i just ask one of the teacher there and she said Lotion I is more suitable for me (acne/blemishes skin) and Paige (feeling fresh) which the texture is like liquid and the Lotion II's texture is slightly thicker ! 
How :-
Soak the cotton with two (2) fully pump of the Lotion which suit your skin more and apply to your face with 7-swipes ! Let's see ... 
Wow ... 
I have a light bulb on my head ! haha
If your understand how-to-do by looking at the picca above then you can skip the paragraph below ! 
Start from your chin and go upward which along you jawline and to below the ear and this is the first swipe ~ Second swipe start from the outer corner of your lip to in front of your ear ~ Third swipe from the side of your nose to the temple ~ The fourth swipe is under eye are to the temple ~ The fifth swipe is from eyelid to the temple ~ The sixth swipe is from center of your forehead to the temple and the seventh swipe is from the center of your hairline moving downward to the chin ... Repeat the same on the other side .
Don't forget your nose and above lip area ~ 

Let's move on to SERUM ... 
There is 3 type of serum for your choice ... 
INFINITY KOSE Pure Advance Serum I :-
This light serum provides essential moisture to oily skin caused by lack of water, leaving skin looking matte and refreshed. *COPIED*
 This is the amount you need for your whole face application ~ Pearl size ! 
Me and Paige go for this one because we being told it is more suitable for us ... hehe With the 5 dots application methods ! 

INFINITY KOSE Pure Advance Serum II 
Serum II will need 7-swipes application method (with cotton) ~

INFINITY KOSE Pure Advance Serum III
Apply with 5-dots application method ... 

Next move to eye area - the thinnest skin area >..<
This is the amount you need for both eyes ... 
How :-
Rub the eye gel/cream using both of your ring fingers and apply it from outer corner of your eye to inner corner and to outer corner again which is a circle and do it three (3) times to make sure it is evenly spread ... 

There is another Eye Cream ... 
INFINITY KOSE Pure Advance Eye Cream 
Formulated to diminish under eye dryness, fine lines, dark circles and shadows, leaving eyes looking younger and more radiant. *COPIED*

It is recommended to use both the eye jelly and eye cream only when you are not gonna put on any makeup ... If you gonna put on makeup later then go for only one of them ! And be aware that only eye jelly & eye cream can use together ... The other like two type of lotion and three type of serum, can only choose one ! 

After the skincare regime, what's else huh ?'
This is not one of their new launched product for sure ... This is my first time try on their - KOSE products and i'm in love with this one - sunblock ! I can't believe it is a sunblock ~ The texture and the after-application-feel actually made me feel like i'm applying moisturizer or serum man ! Aww >..< Can free me one ?' It is not sticky at all and the texture is so light and slightly watery which so so so easy to spread all over your face ! Go try at their counter and you will definitely love it too ... with 5-dots application method ~

How i/we look like after the INFINITY KOSE's series and the SUN BLOCK ... 
I have no idea why my eyes so damn puffy ... If you know then let me know 

ESPRIQUE's time :-
 apply this for long-lasting foundation ... avoid eyes area ! 
this is the amount you need for the whole face ...
After-ESPRIQUE-time-look ... 

My favorite part is here ... 
Ho Chak ~

Picca's time :-

Check their FaceBook's page out :-
VanityTrove : VanityTrove Malaysia (you can choose what you want in your own box)

Check out their INFINITY KOSE's series at their counter too ... 

Once again ... 
Thanks for the invitation belly muchie, xoxo ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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