Sunday, July 7, 2013

Massage Party at amante brought to you by The Butterfly Project ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Remember there is a "RANDOM" blog post popped up in my blog saying "WHY I NEED A MASSAGE ?" ?!!! Guess what ?! I won myself an invitation of it man !!! so KEEP CALM AND LOVE THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT !!! 

It held on yesterday (Sat, 06/07) at amante, Seri Petaling ...

Let me nag a little first ... *hehe*
Yesterday is just a real hectic day to me, i got myself 3 events for the day; one for morning, one for afternoon and one for evening til midnight, LOL ~ *like a superman huh* Even though it is real hectic but i'm lovin it man ! I think i'm just crazy ~ *LOL* So you guys have 3 events to read in my blog, STAY TUNED yea !!! 

Okay ... 
I suffered an eye infection since Monday/Tuesday so decided to get a 'glam' spec for my hectic Saturday !!! I can't wear contact lens for so long, my eyes tend to get dry easily with contact lens neh !!! Why huh ?' I'm using Freshkon one with their eyedropper as well ! So you might see me with the very 'glam spec' in these 3 recent blog post !!! 

Let's get back to the Massage Party !!!
Before i start, i wanna thank my mummy, my father, my sister, my friend ...
*LOL ! I know ~*

*Climb the staircases* *Go in* *Take off shoes* *Put on comfy slipper* 
Wow ~ Food !!! No lar !!! Register first then baru makan !!! *LOL* A table with sandwiches one, those foods are edible but with lots of green one and pretty one is not edible but they are food and they only for decorations purpose, WTF !!! WHY ~~~ *LOL ! JUST NAGGING/KIDDING* Anyways, the edible one still tasty !!! I like the sandwiches so much, the below one ! *the above one i can't eat so yeap* Thanks to Teaffani High Tea, appreciated !!! And yea ... I'm a thief !!! I steal ... Picca !!! Blek :P From The Butterfly Project 
Wait ~
Except from food-es in amante, there is also colors !!! Manicure and Pedicure brought to you by amante !!! COLORS by O.P.I. !!! *i have a fun time in pronouncing 'amante' ... HAHAHA* Let's me show you ...
 Ai Ya ~ Should have take picca before i steal the two nail polish !!!
After taking pictures with the setups, i straight away go for the massage first and i think i'm the first one of all the bloggers who get to enjoy the HOT STONES massage ... *Don't tell me i'm wrong even though i'm wrong !* I work belly fast geh even though i'm not the first who came *LOL* Because i don't have a good camera to turn turn turn mah ~ Okay ... So !!!
Inside my 'personal room' ... 
Quite scary one lur ! The door is actually just sealed by the a piece of long cloth !!! *LOL* I scare later in the middle of taking off my cloth, the photographer burst in 'accidentally' and take my photos then how ?' *LOL ~ JOKED !!!* When the cloth/door is down, that's mean no entry but still scare leh ~ HAHA !!! 
Purposely don't want rotate one !!! Oops ~
Sexy back huh ?' 
Yo ~ Why i don't have the "S" waist one ?' Must be the photographer not pro enough right ?' Not my fault ! HAHAHA ! Not me like this ... After i finished mine, i burst into someone's 'personal room' and sneaked took their sexy back's photo one !!! Nice hair, girl ~

Okay lar ~
There is two for us to choose ~ It is either Aroma - LemonGrass or Hot Stones massage so clearly i chosen the Hot Stones one and my thoughts after the massage is I hope it can be longer because massage is about relaxing right ?' Yea ... I feel comfortable and quite relaxing during the massage and with the HOT stones on made me feel more relaxing but it is just too short lar ... I'm a slow-person mean i'm slow in everything including mentally and physically, HAHAH ! When i started to feel comfy and wanna get a nap then the lady tell me "OK ! Finish ~" I was like :"WHAT ~~~" *LOL* I'm not sure how long/short it actually took because i have no watches and i forget to check the time, WHAHAHAHA !!! *Put Back Clothes ON*

A little update here :-
Mine is sample treat (massage) so the exact one will be longer, no worry !!! 
 Meet Tammy, the Founder of The Butterfly Project 
My Massage-er of the event ... 
*SORRY ! God forget my part of brain in remembering new people(s)' names*
Well Done anyways, quite satisfied for the 'hardness' she goes in massaging !!!

There is a REMINDER after Hot Stones massage ... 
you will end up having cracked lips and dry skin ... 
*which i forgot so end up dead, LOL*

Belly Belly classy mani-pedi's hall right ?' 

Why huh ?' Why only can choose one huh ?' Why like that one ?' Why you have so many 'Why' one ?' HAHAHAHA !!! I actually ask for lighter color which i mean something like transparent one but not-really-transparent one, which still able to show i just had my manicure ... *LOL* I think the manicurist misunderstand what i mean then show me this color but i decided to try it on because it kinda in pink series so yeap ... And now i have a belly nice nail color to dig in to my nostrils already !!! *WHAHAHAHAH* 

I have no idea how to 'modelling' with nail color and i don't have iPhone to grab ... I have Note2 only and my palm quite small lar which can't really see my nail after grabbing so maybe selca(s) will do, HEHE!! So in love with it, thank you amante, appreciated !!!  P.S. Ignore my puffy-til-dead-eyes, thanks !

Picca's time :-
There is more pictures but in other's camera ... I think they will tag me in FaceBook ! You can check my FaceBook out, it is public but please be aware that i'm not approving strangers, SORRY !!! 
#Chocky Chok #LizzieLeong #Me
*Sorry ~ I really can't remember even though i met her/you twice*

I know you belly jealous that i can have free massage right ?' Ai Yo ~ Don't lar !!! 


Okay ... Are you free on 19th of July to 21st of July ?' *Is to not or* 
If you are free, I bet everyone is free either day right ?' Can't be weekend also so busy til cannot free yourself for this good news and pampering right ?' Okay lar ! Tell you lar ! 

From 19th of July (Fri) til 21st of July(Sun), all the outlets of amante will be having OPEN HOUSE and FREE TREATMENT for every new customer !!! They are provided Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage (Recommended), Manicure and Lymphathic Detoxification Treatments ! Other than the Free Treatment, if you up to another treatments like Nailtek Spa Manicure/Pedicure - RM68 (np RM 228), Aromatherapy Body Massage 90 mins (women and couples only) - RM 38 (np RM 127) or Bellewave Switzerland Instand Radiance & Brightening Facial Treatment - RM 71 (np RM238), they will be having 70% off on 19th to 21st July !!! If ... If ... If ... you really belly belly busy or maybe there are so packed and you are too lazy to bother to queue then you can actually purchase the treatment first on those three day and go back on another day to use them neh ~ Wah !!! And ... And ... And ... IT IS AVAILABLE IN ALL OUTLETS !!! 

Syok boh ?' "Xin Dong Bu Ru Xing Dong Hai Deng Shen Me Piii" *HAHAHAHA*

Outlets available at :-

Bangsar                                                                        Cheras
Kepong                                                                        Kota Damansara
Klang                                                                           Mont Kiara
Petaling Jaya                                                                 Puchong
Seri Petaling                                                                  Subang Jaya
Berjaya Times Square

What are you waiting for ?' Spare your 19th, 20th or 21st of July for this awesome promotion powered you by amante ! Call off all your appointment now and heading for this one !!! *LOL ~ Hard sell people*

Visit for more information .

Last, really thank The Butterfly Project, amante, Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party, Teaffani High Tea, Photobooth for this awesome massage party ! Thanks and appreciated !!! xoxo

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Yuh Jiun said...

Hello frankie! Nice to meet you :D rmb me? hahaha btw added you on fb! :p

bendan said...

Awww~ got our camwhore pic!!! <3
Nice meeting you that day girl!! ^^ xoxo

Pregnancy Massage Kelowna said...

Hey!! This party is really cool and dishes is looking delicious. And pictures are so nice.

Mr Lonely said...

haha, i saw sexyback! XD

Tammy Miu said...

On behalf of Amante Nail Spa & The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I would like to thank you for taking your time to come to the Blogger's Massage Party held last Saturday for 30 beautiful ladies :)

Glad that you have enjoyed the session Frankie, your frames are actually very cute! It suits your personality I must say. You are more lively and expressive in your writing! Maybe you're a bit shy that day haha.

Massager = Masseuse <-- this is what we call them ^_^

The butterfly at the last pic, her name is Liz. She also just blog about the massage party but she enjoyed the aroma massage instead.

A brief intro about the Massage Party, it's a session created to get to know bloggers and to introduce Amante to everyone. The complimentary treatments enjoyed that day are treat samples. Guests on that day enjoyed English Afternoon Tea by Teaffani, get amazed by our party planner Ask Joey (her dessert table is fantastic!) and pose happily with the clouds by Photobooth Malaysia. As a token of appreciation to the bloggers who came, lemongrass diffusers were given & a mystery review treat to come back to enjoy a full session again <3

Anis Athia said...

hye frankie, the person in the last pic is me, anis.. Tammy confused too lorh.. hahaha

illy ariffin said...

Love your nail colour Frankie, n dont worry la the s shape is not noticeable :) How I wish can have a slim body lie yours haha!